Thursday, October 25, 2007

Halloween Party! and Day 11

Well as you know (well who ever reads this on a regular basis would know) tomorrow is the first day I will have insulin in my pump. At 10 I will hop in the Town & Country with my mom and drive up to Baltimore for the final step! I'm more than ready for this. Let's just say it's a day no one in my family thought we would ever get to. Mostly because I am the most stubborn person ever. Okay but on to the real excitement. Tomorrow evening I will be attending a Halloween party at a friend's house. She lives about half an hour away. My parents plan to even go out to dinner near her house, since it is my dad's birthday, just to give me an extra hour or so with them close by. I don't think I will be spending the night, but I know that a party on my first day of pumping is probably testing the waters a little too much. I'm sure I can keep everything in control, I will check my blood sugars regularly and even get my friends to remind me. My doctor and pump trainer didn't seem to think this was a huge deal. They basically said if you are afraid of doing things while on the pump, it isn't giving you the freedom that you should gain from it. I know there will definitely be enough sugar there to correct any possible lows, and I will be careful to monitor how much I eat. I will bring extra everything, an insulin pen just in case. The works. So I am basically looking for any suggestions. Anything to watch out for, whatever you can come up with.

Tomorrow I will be attending a Halloween party at a friend's house. I agreed to help her decorate so I went out and got a few things. But I also always remember that most of my friends do not drink diet soda, so I thought I should bring along my own. I have certain friends that I know will always have diet soda in their fridge, this girl is not one of them. It doesn't bother me to have to make a bottle of diet soda a part of my party supplies. This is just another way as a person with diabetes that I must adapt to the way diabetes makes me different.

There is no cure for Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes.



Scott said...

Congrats on your pump! Looking forward to hearing about your experience with it.

Donna said...

How exciting! Officially started on the pump! I am happy for you!

If you're looking for suggestions, my Minimed pump has an alarm option that I can set up to go off at a certain time. If you are worried that you'll forget to check your BG at the party, see if you can set your pump alarm to go off (mine is actually on vibrate) as a reminder.

I think you're going to do great with this. Have fun!

Jeff said...

Don't spare the test strips, Jillian. Hope you have a great time at the party.

Cara said...

Always bring your own drink... that's my rule. People I'm around on a regular basis usually remember, but I always err on the side of caution and take my own anyway. ;) Congrats on the pump!