Saturday, October 27, 2007

Day 13 - LBDB

Today's Photo:
Since I am now using an insulin pump, my CDE suggested that I carry extra pump supplies. She said to use the at least one of everything rule. At least one infusion set, 1 insulin cartridge, an extra battery, a few syringes, IV prep wipes, and my current vial of insulin (depending on the weather), and extra test strips. Some people have little black dresses, I now have 3 little black diabetes bags.

There is no cure for Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes.


So the party was fine, no lows, no over eating. All though I was tempted by the towers of pizza I stuck to 2 slices and 2 pumpkin cookies that I made with Splenda. Everyone had a good time. Only one person asked about my pump, and she thought it was my iPod. I told her we would talk about what it was some other time. I wasn't super comfortable disclosing my diabetes in a group of people where I only know a few very well. As the only people at the party who know I am diabetic are the girl who asked about it, who also happened to be the host, and her mom. I just find it very annoying to have the diabetes spot light shone on me, and I didn't want to hear any of that "my grandma has diabetes crap". I also think if it had not been my first day on the pump I would have been slightly more comfortable giving that standard, I have type 1 diabetes education session. Pump post and double picture day Monday! Have a great weekend.


Jeff said...

Thanks for the "weekend update," Jillian. I'm looking forward to Monday's Pump Post.

Cara said...

I have the little ziplock sandwich baggie in my purse that has one of everything as far as replacing a site goes... I learned to carry those with me the hard way. You get caught out once and have to leave whatever you are doing to go home & change a site: NO FUN!
I hope that the pump is working fabulously for you.

Bernard said...


I hope you had a good weekend with the pump. I was thinking of you as I drove in to work today.

My new pump arrives today and I feel like it's Christmas! Under advice from my wife, I've gone with basic black. I wish Cozmo made skins for their pumps.