Friday, October 19, 2007

Comments, Posts, and a Countdown!

I know that over the past few days my posts have not been my usual long entries. I have been preoccupied, but I plan to go back to writing as well as posting Diabetes 365 pictures. I can't promise a long entry everyday, but I will definitely be giving you more than a picture and my descriptions at least a few times a week. If you left any comments on the past 5-6 entries and I did not reply on your blog, I have left a few comments in return on those posts. I am becoming lazy about commenting back, I am working on it though.
So we are entering the final countdown to the saline start on Monday (2 days) and pump start on Friday (1 week). I'm stoked! I practiced wearing the pump to sleep the other night by clipping the cannula off of the infusion set, and attaching it with just the adhesive patch. I put an empty cartridge in the pump to connect the tubing to, and wha lah a little pump practice! It worked out just fine. I am the type of person that has to be informed and prepared before I go to the training. It helps me calm my nerves if I know enough before hand. A less anxious Jillian equals a better day for everyone.
My sister is home for the weekend for a little bonding/babysitting me while my parents are away celebrating their 27th wedding anniversary. So I'm sure it will be a good weekend, I love spending time with her. I may not see her again until Thanksgiving. So happy weekend everyone!


Jeff said...

How did things work out wearing the pump to sleep, Jillian? Were you able to sleep well, or did it keep you up at all?

Have a great weekend, you soon-to-be pumper!

Jillian said...

I made a little edit to answer your question. I can't believe I left that important information out! Thanks.

Bernard said...


Have you figured out your insulin to carb and insulin to blood glucose ratios yet?

It's been so long since I first started wearing a pump I can't remember how we first did that. I think they have basic starting values worked out based on weight. Anyway, I'm very excited for you.