Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Real Post & A Picture.

So I promised you a real post and here goes.

I have been wearing my Cozmo insulin pump for 3 days now. In that time I have learned a lot of things about myself and my new buddy Orin. While I am only pumping saline as a part of what I guess my endo would call "home training" it still is pretty realistic. I definitely think that being young has it's advantages when it comes to using a pump. For instance if this was my mom pumping she would have to pull her glasses from a top her head squint at the screen, and call me to help her. If it was my dad he wouldn't even try and I would be completely in charge of helping him manage this device. I know these things because my mom can't use the remote to our television, and almost every time my dad tries to print something off of the computer he calls me to help him.
What have I learned? Well for starters, infusion set insertion is not the horror I imagined. I sat in the endo's office clenching my teeth through the training in anticipation of inserting the infusion set. Turns out it's a piece of cake. The office's pump trainer was very impressed that I knew so much about the pump, but I guess that's what happens when you have a lot of time in between receiving it and going to training. It only took about 45 minutes to go over everything. At one point she was asked, "Can I at least peel off the adhesive protector on the set so I can feel like I am doing my job?" What else? Oh my dogs are very intrigued by the sound of a bolus. That click click click, has them both staring at my hip in wonder with their heads cocked to the side. Sleeping hasn't been to hard, I just place the pump next to me and it usually stays put. When I am alone in a quiet room, that hiss every 3 minutes as my basal rate is delivered is like a constant reminder that the pump is there and working away doing something my body should be able to do without any noise at all. I will have to say that being a perfectionist is probably not going to help me in this. I am going to want everything to go right, from intial basal rates, blood glucose numbers to every single site change. I will get over that slowly. I messed up tonight will loading the new cartridge and doing the new infusion set. I was so upset for no particular reason except that I like things to go right, and when they don't it seems like the end of the world (ANXIETY). Thankfully my mom was there and told me just to breathe, and I know over time it will become even more routine. Until then I'm still working out the kinks and finding what works for me. Now I just have to get to Friday, so I can start the real deal!


Jeff said...

"Squint at the screen?" Boy, do I hear THAT!

Donna said...

I was really anxious about the infusion set insertion more than anything, too. But it's not bad at all.
I'm glad things are going well with Orin. It's good that you have a chance to practice with it for a bit. I think that helps.

Colleen said...

What a great post! And I'm not even close to a pump but gee I felt like I was sitting there with you. I loved the line about the "hiss" of the pump working.
You really are a remarkable young lady and I'm sure your mom and dad are quite proud of you!