Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Day 3 Silent Illness

If you haven't checked it out yet, hop on over to the Diabetes 365 Flickr group.
You can't see my pictures unless you are signed in, I think this is because I am under 18. So I will post them here too.

Diabetes is a completely silent disease. There are few physical signs that a person is diabetic. Unless you witness us take an injection, spot our pumps, check our glucose, or are told that a person is diabetic, you would probably never notice. I think diabetics notice the little impacts that daily care takes on their bodies physically. For me I notice the multiple tiny scabs that have created callouses on the tips of my middle and ring fingers from daily glucose checks. From the top of my hand you wouldn't know, but turn them over and there is a sign. A sign that I am a diabetic, and that in order to care for myself I must check my blood glucose anywhere from 8 to 12 times a day.
There is no cure for diabetes. Yet.

P.S. Have you seen the new limited addition Animas pump!? I will not spoil it by posting a picture, but seriously I want one!


Jeff said...

Your photo for today is yet more great creativity. You really do well to advance diabetes awareness.

That new Animas pump sure is good looking, even from a MM user's point of view. Now you've got me thinking . . .

Donna said...

I really hate my ugly fingertips. Occasionally, I notice how smooth other people's fingers are - especially when I shake someone's hand. I hate to think how my fingers must feel to them. Hopefully, they don't think too much about it. I would hate to gross someone out like that.

Penny said...

What a great picture (and explanation to go along with it)

And, I'm so glad someone finally came out with a pink pump. Riley won't want one, but I've always said that a pump company should make pink pumps for girls. I'm glad Animas did that.

Bernard said...


I'm thrilled that you're involved in the Diabetes 365 project. And I like the photos so far, keep up the great work.

Are you on a pump yet? I've lost track. That Animas is pretty sharp and would go nice with the pink Ultra Mini.

Jillian said...

Once again, thanks to everyone who stops by to leave such wonderful comments!
Donna - I think it is only us that notice this. I have had to point out what I am talking about to so many people. It isn't gross at least we are taking care of ourselves!

Penny - I don't understand why the companies can't come out with a better selection of colors. The Cozmo now only comes in black, green, and blue. Traditionally more masculine colors. I wonder how hard it really would be to pour some pink or purple dye into the mix!