Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween! Let’s go on a trip back to yester year, with Stevie Wonder.

As I stepped onto the Metro car, my trip back in time began. From the tattered orange pleather seats to the laminate section dividers, the ride definitely set the tone for the night. Walking into the arena I can’t say that I as giddy as I was in January when I went to see Justin Timberlake. I could definitely sense that there was a party about to begin. Many women were in their best boots and men wearing fedoras or Kangol hats. The sea of faces varied in color, but not as much in age. I could tell that I was probably one of the youngest people there. We walked to the concessions, paid a whopping 4 dollars for a bottle of Dasani. Then went to find our seats, which were 10 rows from the floor! As the rows filled in, and the lights slowly dimmed you could feel the crowd becoming restless. We waited a worthwhile 30 extra minutes for the show to begin. Stevie came onto the stage in a black suit and red sunglasses, with his daughter (Aisha) in a white dress, leading him to the center of the stage. He told a few jokes and then opened with a duet on piano with Aisha. After their performance she joined the other two backup singers and the show really began! He played almost every past hit you can think of. Rocked out on his piano and harmonica. At one point he was down on his knees singing, then he was standing on his piano bench! The band included a lot of improvisation and audience involvement. The male backup singer stole the show, he pulled off some temptations-esque dance moves that did not fail to entertain. The bassist, guitarist, and drummers all performed amazing solos under the bright spot light. The audience was definitely there to party, with every up beat intro everyone rose from their seats to dance and sing along to well known rhythms. The thing I enjoyed most was when they played medleys. Transitioning from one song to the next, when Stevie told the bassist or guitarist to play a certain note or riff. They performed every song that we chose to wear on the shirts I made, even my parents wedding song. He played one final song, took a bow on both sides of the stage, then walked off into the night with his backup singers and the band.


Jeff said...

Thanks for the review, Jillian, and nice job with the photos, too.

How did things go with Orin?

Jillian said...

Thanks Jeff! Things went well. If you pop over to the Diabetes 365 Flickr group, you can see that yesterday's picture involved the concert and diabetes.

Minnesota Nice said...

Stevie is quite the showman. My most favorite song of his is "As".

His love of performing really comes through. You will have that wonderful memory for the rest of your life - how cool.

Donna said...

You got some awesome photos! It sounds like the concert was great. I've heard Stevie Wonder is a great entertainer & I'm glad you got to experience it. Don't feel funny about being one of the youngest people there - great music like his is timeless.

Bernard said...


Thanks for the wonderful pictures. Sounds like it was a great show and you had wonderful tickets. I'm glad your pump behaved.

By the way, I put some video up on You Tube about the super bolus. Check my blog out for more about this technique. One video shows how to use the Cozmo to deliver a super bolus.