Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I realize that I am super horrible about returning comments and just leaving them in general. I am also really bad about reading blogs that are not on the Diabetes Daily Headlines. So. Feel free to harass me about comments, I'm serious. I really do need it, as the connection from comments is really a huge part of the O.C. So to anyone who has commented in probably the last 5-10 posts... SORRY!!! I feel really bad that you take your time to read what I have to say and I don't do anything to repay that. Oh and good luck to those of you who are starting one or both of NaBloPoMo & NaNoWriMo on Thursday. I considered NaBloPoMo, but I just don't think I could do either of them. I don't have enough in my life to write about, and I also don't think I am the best at writing about just anything. Well any who I'm getting excited about singing some off key "Superstition" with Stevie tonight. But shh, don't tell my parents. I have been playing the whole unexcited, you guys are old and crazy routine. Oh I will be taking my Diabetes 365 Picture at the concert.


Shannon said...

I have ebbs and flows when it comes to commenting. One day I'm all over the place commenting everywhere, and the next I'm burned out from reading and thinking about what people wrote and don't feel like commenting.

Jeff said...

Hi Jillian.

People say that Stevie Wonder has a knack for bringing his audiences together, to really get them on his side, so to speak.

My cousin saw him twenty-some years ago and hasn't stopped talking about it since.

Apparently, you are in for a great show, and I'm eager to read your review.

Donna said...

Have fun at the concert!

in search of balance said...

Yay, Stevie is awesome. Hope you had lots of fun :)