Monday, October 15, 2007

A few bits and joining the project!

I have decided to join the Diabetes 365 Flickr Group Project.

Here is my first picture.

It symbolizes my last full week (Monday - Sunday) on injection therapy. As of next Friday I will be a pumper!

  • I'm very curious about my pump start, Monday the 22nd. I know all doctor's do it differently, but I would love to hear about other pumper's experiences.
  • I have been toying around with my pump to get familiar with it. I have watched almost all of the training videos on the Cozmo website.
  • I have broken down 2 infusion sets just to see how everything really works.
  • I am just ready for it all to start!!!
  • I apologize for the absence I was busy getting ready to go away to Pennsylvania for my Grandfather's 80th birthday party! Which turned out perfectly. Here is a picture of a farm near their house.
  • Now I'm off to do some school work, which I have definitely been slacking on. That will have to end soon, because this week I am being officially un-enrolled from my former school. No more safety net.
  • These next few weeks are going to be full of new adventures, I hope you are ready for the ride!


Jeff said...

Hi Jillian. Welcome back. The final countdown has begun! Good job with your prep work. I'm sure things will go smoothly for you.

Colleen said...

Since I began reading your posts, you have always struck me as an intensely dedicated young lady. If anyone is going to make pumping work, I think you are a good bet.
Good luck!

Minnesota Nice said...

Good luck with your pump start, Jillian. You can do it!
I also look forward to seeing your pictures. Everyone who is participating is doing a wonderful job.

Albert said...

good job on preparing. hope things go smoothly!

Bernard said...

Hey you're getting a Cozmo. So am I. I hope to be starting mine sometime next week.

I already spent a week using one in September and I really liked the features. I can't wait.

Sorry they don't have one in pink!

Jillian said...

Thanks everyone for the good luck wishes and encouragement!