Thursday, January 10, 2008

You gave me questions. Now you've got answers! Part 1.

How's the guitar thing coming along? - Albert

Do you like the slide guitar and can you play it?
What's your favorite and least favorite flavor of ice cream? - Kelly K.

Guitar you ask? Before I received my guitar for Christmas the only thing I knew about it was that it had 6 strings and I thought it was pretty. Okay maybe I knew more than that, but not much. It’s been less than a month and although I have not given up on it, it has taken a back seat. In my mind I thought in a few weeks I would sound like James Taylor. Not so much. My tiny hands got in the way of the book and video lessons I was using. I understood the concepts, but my hands were just not able to perform. I’ll just have to keep at it, and as a friend suggested maybe I should Google “miracle hand growing drugs”.

As for slide guitar, I had to Google that too. After I realized that I knew what it was and had seen a few people perform playing this way, I felt a little silly. The answer is: no, I can’t play but I do like it.

Now to the one everyone cares about. ICE CREAM!!!

My favorite flavor when available is Teaberry (I’ve said this before), seeing as I’ve only ever had that in my mom’s home town, I’m a simple mint chocolate chip gal. I don’t think there is really such thing as bad ice cream though. Although I’m not a huge fan of Coldstone, you may think I’m crazy. I just don’t like the fact that the plain ice cream there is so bland and lacking classic creamy goodness. I don’t think ice cream should be built upon. It should be good without all the added things. You should be able to know that without the chocolate chips and peanut butter chunks, that vanilla base would be able to stand on its own. Least favorite, anything with almonds because I’m allergic, also pistachio is gross.

Next: Home Schooling Q&A. From Amylia & Laura

Feel free to keep asking or suggesting topics. I like this!


Albert said...

yeah it's definitely physically hard at the very beginning. But after a while, your fingers and muscles get used to holding certain positions.

Start with the basics and have fun with them before pushing yourself for harding things. That way you can build your confidence with the fewer things first.

Donna said...

Hi Jillian,
My son is learning to play the guitar, too. He has a couple of friends who are awesome guitar players & they got him started. He's learning the rest on his own & is loving it. I think if you learn a little at a time, you'll be happy with your progress. Good luck! I hope you like it!

Oh, I love mint chocolate ice cream, too! Yummy!