Friday, January 18, 2008

Two Times the Thank Yous

First I'll thank those of you who stopped by to congratulate me on getting my license! I haven't had the chance to use my new found freedom yet. Hopefully soon I'll have stories of my adventures as a new, young, diabetic driver to share with you. I got my Sussy Circle information this morning, so that will give me an excuse to borrow the car to work on finding the perfect sussy.

Second set of thank yous, goes to those of you who continuously stop by and give me amazing compliments. Although sometimes it's hard to agree with the fact that you think I'm "amazing," "well adjusted," or a "talented writer". I always enjoy the tiny boosts that your words bring to my day.

Have a great weekend!!!

1 comment:

Donna said...

What a great excuse for you to use your new driver's license - shopping for a sussy gift! What timing, huh?

Oh, and I do think you're a very talented writer. I certainly wouldn't have been able to write like you do when I was 16 (or 45 either, for that matter).

I hope you have a great weekend, too!