Friday, January 25, 2008

I owe you guys this one. My first drive.

Let's set the scene.
My friends and I always have trouble making plans so that everyone can attend. For almost a month the girls and I had been talking about a girl's day. So we picked Monday (MLK day) when we knew everyone would be off and free. Most of my friends just happen to live in a town about 25/30 minutes away, because the school I used to attend allows students from more than just the town it's in for the Science & Technology program. So we usually end up hanging out somewhere closer to their houses, of coursed we picked the local outdoor shopping center on one of the coldest days but that is beside the point. Now that I have my license these sort of trips will become a little bit easier, because my mom would usually sit in the book store while I walked around with my friends or go waste money somewhere and I always felt bad about it. It was just easier for her to stay than drive the almost 1 hour round trip.
I was permitted to leave the house a little early to go sussy shopping and eventually meet my friends. The ride there was fine. I tested in the 120ish range at the house, got behind the wheel of the van, popped in my Dixie Chicks CD and sang the whole way there. When I arrived at the book store I checked my blood sugar again and it was 91, I drank some juice because I knew I wouldn't be there long but 91 was only going to drop. I left the bookstore, checked my sugar again, and headed for the near by mall to have lunch with my friends. We spent the day going in and out of the stores trying to keep warm, buying a few things (a pair of purple sequin ballet flats for me), and eventually ended up at the movie theater to see Juno. I checked my blood sugar before the movie and came in at 190, I gave less than half a correction bolus and went in to enjoy the show (go see it, it was my second time, I still laughed and cried). I knew that my basal rate would start to kick up towards the end of the movie because it was around the time I usually prepare to eat dinner (I have weird evening highs I'll call it dinner phenomenon) . So after I cried my eyes out at the end of the movie, I made sure my friends were with their parents and went to the van. I turned the engine on to warm up, then checked my blood sugar, 67. Can't drive with that. So I pop a juice box and call my house. I talked to my sister, and told her I was doubling my usual treatment and then I would head home when my blood sugar was over 100. She tells our parents and they say okay. I was actually wasn't too surprised by this reaction, my mom is of the "she won't always have us to save her" school. I waited retested, 122, and started the trip home. When I got home I found out my dad had been freaking out, and had suggested that they drive the half hour out to get me. I just laughed and told him I was prepared and not to worry! All in all it was a great day. I wasn't even upset that diabetes had to tarnish my first driving memory.


Amylia said...

YAY! Your first drive. I am so glad your parents didn't come to get you and you did it. I haven't seen Juno yet...I really want to. Maybe this weekend.

Sussy shopping--YAY! I am so excited for everyone to get their sussy!!!!

You rock.

Shannon said...

Excellent judgement, Jillian!

But, I do feel your parents' (dad's) worry! I give them credit for trusting you and putting aside their need to rescue you.

I want to see Juno.

Donna said...

Hey Jillian,
Congrats on your first drive. Even though diabetes was there, too, everything turned out fine & you had a good time with your friends. What a nice way to start out. It's good that you're making sure to test before you drive - that's so important. You're setting a good example for all of us.

Colleen said...

Your testing before driving is great - even better was letting your family know what was going on and that you were treating it. Your dad will calm down, about the time you turn 30. But they will trust you because you were honest.
Congrats Jillian!

Naomi said...

Way to go, girl! Doing all the right things.

I want to see Juno. Took the kids to National Treasure today, though.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Nicely done! Sounds like it was a fun day.

BTW - your last comment on my blog didn't bother me a bit - you certainly didn't need to clarify or apologise (but I appreciate it). I knew what you meant.

Take care!