Saturday, January 12, 2008

JDRF Walk Questions.

Well I know it's just under 5 months until my JDRF walk but I'm getting a little antsy. Before I send off an email to the coordinator, I figured I would bring my questions to the real experts.

1. Are they going to send out some sort of collection envelopes? I've done walks for other causes, and there has always been more than just the internet option for donations. So far all I have is a few emails and welcome letter.

2. Team T-shirts, are they a must? If so, any recommendations on sites to order from? I know of a few but any suggestions are welcome.

3. How long do these things usually last? I've made my team an event page on Facebook, you need an end time I just made one up.

4. I felt like I had way more questions, and now I'm drawing a blank.... I'm sure I'll have more soon.


Cara said...

I just did my first walk this year. They didn't send out collection envelopes. As I got money in, I would put it in an envelope (no cash!) with a piece of paper that had my name, walk city and walk date listed on it and then mail it in. Within a few days it would show up on my JDRF walk page.
I didn't have a team. It was just me and my mom and sister. We didn't do shirts. I think it would be fun to though.
My Walk started at 8 a.m. and that was of course time to walk around, eat breakfast, have the opening ceremonies, some entertainment and then the walk and lunch. I think we left around 12 noon. So it wasn't too bad.
I had lots of fun! I hope you do to. Plus I made it out with 2 new meters, a backpack, a jumprope and numerous other samples of stuff. It was quite nice. I love free stuff!

Scott said...

Having done the JDRF walks in Southern Connecticut, San Francisco, Philadelphia and 2 boroughs in New York City (what can I say, I've lived in all of these places), I can tell you that each chapter is responsible for organizing the details of their walks, so to some extent, your local chapter can answer these questions better than anyone else.

I can tell you that the online fundraising option is relatively new, and many donors prefer it (at least mine did), but typically, JDRF will provide you with a template for mailing letters, and while they do not provide return envelopes (each walker does that so their fundraising can be totaled for various awards, etc.), but I would advise preparing self-addressed, STAMPED envelopes addressed to you so your donors really only need to send you a check or cash. Be sure to number the envelopes or write the name on the reverse side so you can track who donated what ... it makes thank-you notes and/or e-mails more effective and personalized.

JDRF will provide the sneakers you can send donors, and each chapter may also have other materials, but sometimes you'll need to ask for these things. Remember to ask, your local chapter may have somethings that are very helpful, but you may not be able to rely on someone to tell you about these things, so definitely ask!