Friday, January 4, 2008

Image Meme.

Enough of that sad stuff from the last post, here's a little cheer up from one of the OC's finest Amylia.

1. Age at my next birthday:

2. A place I'd like to travel to:
3. A Favorite Place:

4. A Favorite Thing:
(The answer is paper crafts, although my mom is another one of my favorite things.)

5. A Favorite Food:
6. A Favorite Color:

7. A Favorite Flower:
8. The City You Live In:
(I have never seen this before, but apparently it's here)

9. Name of a Past Pet:

10. A Nickname You've Had:
11. College Major & 12. First Job:

13. A Hope for 2008:


in search of balance said...

Your favorite flower pic didn't load for me... hints?

Guitar! Yay! I hope that for you, too. I love your new guitar and I bet you'll be fantastic at it. Maybe one day we'll here you on the radio :)

Great meme, thanks for sharing, Jillian!

Jillian said...

Beth, I changed the picture just in case it wasn't just you. Daisies.
I hope that soon I'll be as confident in my guitar playing abilities as you are. You will never hear me on the radio, I have the most hit or miss singing voice ever.

Donna said...

This was really cute. I enjoyed it, Jillian!

Shannon said...

You had a pet named Tomato?

Good meme :)

Jillian said...

Donna, I'm glad!

Yes Shannon, it was a red fish. I was 7.

Amylia said...

Yay for guitar! My dad is in a band and plays guitar and always wanted his kids to learn and we were all buttheads about it and never learned. Now I wish I knew, but my dad is so busy these days, he can't teach me. Aw well. I can still do it if I want!

kkonmymind said...

I love daisies, too! And Boston, for that matter. I think I'll try these meme, too. It looks like fun :)

Naomi said...

What a fun way to learn about people. I love it.

I've never seen that particular part of town either -- where is that supposed to be?