Thursday, March 13, 2008

Quick Update.

Today feels like Friday for some reason. I'm going with bullets for this one because I just don't have a lot time to waste.

  • Yesterday I commenced OSS aka Operation Stop Slacking. I've set goals for my school work and a system to track my progress. It's weird because as much as my friends, parents, sister, therapist, and whoever else encouraged me to do my work, I knew it wouldn't happen until I got sick of the way things were. It happened Tuesday when I realized that not only would I not experience a proper graduation next May, I might not even "graduate" at all at the pace I'm going. So I thought to myself OSS begins tomorrow (yesterday)! Don't worry I'm only posting this as a quick break from my school work.
  • Today my best friend is leaving on a trip to Greece for spring break with her AP World History class. I barely get to see her as it is, and now she's leaving for the entire break. It's alright though, she's been having a lot of family issues and I know this trip will do her good. Later this afternoon I'm heading to her house to bid her adieu!
  • Tonight I'm heading to another close friends house for her 2 day 17th birthday celebration. The girls who were invited will be sleeping over tonight and the boys will join us tomorrow for her real birthday 3.14 (Pi day for the math nerds out there). This is her present.
  • Oh and a thank you to everyone who eased my fears from my last post. I can be a bit irrational when I over think things, so thanks for helping me out. The information will definitely serve me well!
See you Monday!

3 comments: said...

I'm so proud of you!

Donna said...

You can do it, Jillian. I know you can!

Naomi said...

Happy Monday! Let the OSS begin!