Thursday, March 6, 2008

Like the English.

Tomorrow I will be attending a rugby game.

I only know a few things about rugby.

1)They wear striped shirts.
2)It's muddy.
3)English and Australian people play it.
4) My friend Jordan will be lifted into the air by his shorts for some unknown purpose.

Things I don't know.

1)The point of the game.
2)If there is a goal/net.
3)Why I think spending 2 hours in the cold and rain is a good idea.

So I am writing this in hopes that you brilliant and worldly souls know something about this crazy game. What do I need to know to be a supportive and involved spectator? Basic rules? Comparisons to other normal sports...anything.


Sara said...

All I know is that Ross played it in an episode of Friends to impress Emily.
Helpful? :D

dae said...

Rugby! Violent, smelly muddy and dirty. But if you like your guys to be built and muscular, there is eye candy to watch out for. One of my friends was a school rugby player for six years and suffered from countless injuries.

Well if I'm not wrong when you score it's called a try and there's this particularly disgusting (so I say) move where all the guys loop their arms around each others' shoulder and do goodness knows what to the ball called a scrum. :)

Helpful, yes? :D

Jen said...

I know nothing about it. I can only point you to the all knowing wikipedia:

I hope you have fun, in spite of the rain!