Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's official, I've lost my mind.

So this afternoon I was out in the garage harassing my dad while he was doing yard work. As I walked back into the house, he pointed to the tubing hanging from my pocket and said, "Jill, what are you going to do with that thing when you swim? I mean you can't wear it, right?" I stopped and thought about it. While Cozmo claims that the pump is waterproof I don't think that swimming with this thing is necessarily a smart idea. Disconnect boluses don't usually end well for me though. Plus I do not look forward to testing and reconnecting repeatedly just to go swimming. I mean I'm no Gary Hall Jr. so it's not like I'm running a race or anything like that, we just happen to have an inground pool in our back yard. Although summer is a few months off, I'm already worried about this whole thing. I've previously considered taking a pump break for the summer, just because I don't feel like dealing with the idea of pumping in the summer and all that entails (amusement park rides (supposedly you can't wear a pump on roller coasters), swimming, possibly the beach, heat, etc). But I could totally be over reacting, because that's what I usually do.
Now to the part where I've fallen off my rocker. About an hour ago I was talking to my mom and I said, "So would you think I was crazy if I wanted to put my pump in the bath tub?" She looked at me with that you must be joking face and replied with a yes. I then explained that I just wanted to test it's waterproof-ness. I haven't done it, but I am tempted to. So have I lost it? Fellow pumpers, what do you do in the summer?


George said...

I always disconnect when I swim and check the BG like mad. It has always worked out okay. I would not suggest the test you want to do just in case you get a failure. :)

I have ridden rollercoasters with Master P and he digs um. No problemo.

Shannon said...

Disconnecting isn't as bad as you think.

When we're at the beach, I keep the pump in a side pocket in a cooler I bring lunch and snacks in.

I test Brendon every 2 hours and I make sure he either gets a correction if he's higher, or if he's lower (which is usually the case), I have him eat a snack with enough carbs to cover the low AND dose him so that he always has insulin on board and doesn't hit DKA.

Typically, he eats lunch at the beach and being that the insulin lasts 3 hours, I reconnect maybe twice the whole time we're at the beach.

It's really not bad at all.

If you're at an amusement park, you'd only be disconnecting for the few minutes you're on the ride. The time you're wearing it would include standing in the long lines and walking from ride to ride, or playing games.

Anonymous said...

Disconnecting isn't usually a problem for me, but it is for some. I know of a friend who takes a shot of lantus during the summer and uses the pump foe half of her basal and to bolus. You can talk to your endo about trying to do something along those lines of you are going to be disconnected for hours at a time, that way you will always have atleast some insulin in you at all times.

mel said...

I have never disconnected for a roller coaster! If you're sitting down, I don't see the problem; just make sure it's in your pocket and not on a clip, so it doesn't fall out. Otherwise, I don't see an issue... I've been on upside down ones that aren't coasters but just hang there for a few seconds... no problems.

Jillian said...

To clarify my pump on the roller coasters issue is not of losing it or having it fly off. I have read and it is stated in certain pump manuals that the magnetics used on certain amusement rides can cause damage to a pump.

Randee said...

I was told by medtronic that there's no problem wearing their pump at the amusement park (other then making sure it stays inside my pocket!). I also disconnect when I swim, mostly because mine isn't waterproof and even if it was, I still wouldn't wear it swimming (too bulky & I'd worry about losing it). I've worn mine the last 4 summers, with summer dresses, shorts, tank tops ... it can be a pain in the but, but I figure it's not so bad I would want to go back to shots. Hope that helps!

Allison said...


Ditto what everyone has said. I doubt anything on the roller coaster would do anything because you would have to be on top of the rails for it to make a difference, or any. I would ask the pump company if there are any particular rides to keep an eye on.

And of course, you can always take the pump off while you're riding it and give it to your mom or maybe a friend who isn't riding?

Sara said...

It is only certain rollercoasters that 'could' cause problems - the magnetic ones. Otherwise, swim and ride away. I would not go pump free - seems like more of a hassle than it is worth but just some strategic disconnection.
And I have a MM but I hear the Cozmos are pretty waterproof.

asskeeper said...

I have NEVER disconnected for a roller coaster ride. I ride many roller coasters. It is NOT in the Cozmo that says it.

Shannon said...

Technically the Cozmo is waterproof, but if the casing has a crack or chip, it will get water inside.

Plus, it's only watertight for 30 minutes.

I wouldn't take a chance of wearing it in the water.

Also, as for the magentics on rides interfering with the pump, it could be a problem

A mom I know at my support group said that her son went down a slide at the park and the static charge made his pump die and they had to reprogram everything.

It's best to play it safe even if the possibility of problems occuring are remote.

You never know when your luck will run out and your pump gets screwed up!

Jillian said...

Well thank you everyone! My fears have been eased a bit. I guess I'll just take each situation as it comes when summer arrives.

jill. said...

I agree with the other comments, I just disconnect and correct for highs.

A completely unrelated question: Are you doing the JDRF walk in DC this spring? If so, lets meet up! I really want to meet another Jill with type 1 :)

Feel free to shoot me an email or facebook me (jilmarie AT gmail DOT com)

Naomi said...

I always learn so much when you ask questions, Jillian!! :)

We will also have to plan to meet up at the JDRF walk. Yay!