Sunday, February 3, 2008

Random Thoughts on Super Bowl Sunday.

I haven't updated in a few days. So I'm just going to throw out a few things that are on my mind.

- Tom Brady is not cute. I much prefer the Southern charm of Eli Manning.
- Teenage boys are weird. Trust me this was proven yesterday. My friend Christian decided it would be fun to eat a dog treat while we were all hanging out.
- Who the heck is Tom Petty and why the hell did Justin Timberlake & Janet Jackson have to subject the world to horrible Super Bowl half time shows post "wardrobe malfunction"?
- Playing Scrabulous (Facebook user's know what I'm talking about) when in the midst of a low, might not be the smartest idea. It leads to the creations of many strange and nonexistent word choices.
- Still no sussy for me! Hopefully it will be here tomorrow. It's been so fun watching everyone receive their gifts that I just can't wait much longer!
- Jordin Sparks did not sing the national anthem live (fyi), and she so does not look my sister (my crazy Aunt Jacqui thinks she does.)
- My friend Jordan's little sister wants to be called Tay Tay Mcafee (her real name is Taylor).
- I am stressed out by the Giants first half play, this can be documented by the state of my hair. You see I tend to run my hands through my hair when I get stressed. The only problem is when you have extremely curly hair like I do, you end up looking like Don King.
- I have an Endo appointment on Wednesday. My first A1c since pumping and since August for some reason will be revealed. I'm thinking 6's, we'll see what happens.
- I have a cold and I could be slightly delusional at this time.


Anonymous said...

I agree about Tom Brady.

But you've made me feel really old with your Tom Petty comment.

Donna said...

I'm not real fond of Tom Brady either. But, like Rachel, I feel really old that you don't know who Tom Petty is. But I AM old. LOL!

Jillian said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't get the love of Tom Brady thing.

Neither of you are as old as my parents so that's a plus. I seriously still don't know who Tom Petty is.