Sunday, February 24, 2008

The 6th Sense.

Don’t worry, I don’t see dead people.

I do however have an innate sense about my blood sugar. Without a test I can guesstimate where I am, so a test never really brings a surprising result. Don’t worry I never rely on just the feeling, I’m a frequent tester. Some would say too frequent.

My 6th sense has always been based on little clues from my body. The earliest one I can remember is a shaking right leg at age 7. Lately this sense has been failing me. The signs have been changing, and apparently my body forgot to inform me that a new boss was in town.

The surge of heat I usually feel to warn me of a low now means nothing. The feeling of my hands being under a cold blow dryer, has lost it's accuracy. I’m not jolting out of my sleep through the night in my test, juice, repeat mode. Instead of being irritable I’m talkative. It’s now all about groggy middle of the night lows, and zoning out at 55mg/dL during the day.

The dry mouth isn’t a sign of a high, instead I’ve been feeling this weird weight on my chest. Headaches have never really been a definite cue, but now they are a sign of absolutely nothing. Highs aren’t making me sleepy, I’m still able to function. I’m feeling hyperglycemic starting at 150mg/dL, instead of over 200mg/dL.

It’s all very strange. I wasn’t ready for it. But as usual change is the name of the game when it comes to Type 1 Diabetes. I’ve been taking the “test don’t guess," motto to the extreme. It’s safe to say my poor fingers have taken a beating because of this. Just in case the old signs don’t come back, I’m learning the new ones. If the 6th sense is ready to change, I’ll just have to do the same.


Araby62 said...

Great post, I know what you mean! I went through a strange phase about 6 months ago where my lows would make me incredibly sleepy (anything below 70). Now I get the "chatty Kathy" effect like you. Gotta love the D, it sure keeps us on our toes );-P

Anonymous said...

i know what you mean.. my symptoms have changed, too. whenever I'm low lately I just keep getting a numb mouth.. it's really strange

Windy said...

Totally get this.

I was diagnosed at 7, and I ALWAYS woke up with a low, never had any problems, but now I have total hypo unawareness at night which is largely why I invested in the CGMS. (for the alarm) Glad you're aware of the changes and can take steps to stay on top of it!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Yeah, I get it too.

It's very unnerving when the signals we have counted on for so long start...betraying us, in a way.

jules said...

yeah my "signs" changed too but most have returned to the old standard... but the worst is probably feeling low when i'm not i just feel low because i was in the 200s and dropping to "normal". great posts.