Monday, February 11, 2008

The Saddest Wedding Story.

I'm sure no bride expects their first dance to be the last, but that was the case for the 36 year old woman who was the subject of an article I read this morning. I always check my email as soon as I can each morning, and to do that I have to go to the Yahoo homepage. Right beneath a picture of Amy Winehouse and her Grammy headline, was a smaller but more shocking one, "Bride dies during marriage's first dance." At first I thought to myself, "that is so sad", but then I clicked on the link and read the story. I couldn't believe my eyes, at only 36 a Type 1 Diabetic woman dies on the dance floor in the arms of her new husband from heart disease. I can't help but think of her poor husband and family, but I'm also scared. Scared that this could happen to anyone of the wonderful Type 1 Diabetics I now know. I wish the article had more details explaining exactly what caused it and if the the Type 1 was a big factor, but I understand the report needs to respect the family's privacy. I just really want to know why. All I want to do now is go to a cardiologist or whatever kind of doctor can tell me I'll be okay. I'm sure I'm completely overreacting. It's just that it hit home. Life is really so fragile, and can be turned upside down in just a matter of moments.


Donna said...

I saw this, too. Very sad.

Naomi said...

What an incredibly sad story!

Jillian, I don't think it is good to overreact, but I do think it is good to take care of your health and get regular checkups, like you already do. You can find lots of stories of T1s with long, happy, healthy lives as well. We don't know, based on the article, what other health problems this lady might have had along with her diabetes.

Life is fragile, but it is wonderful, and we have to enjoy every day. (((Hugs)))

Anonymous said...

this story made me so sad, and I feel the same way as you. It's scary when you think "What if this could happen to me, or any other t1 diabetic I know?".. I forget sometimes that any moment could be the last, and this story really made me realize that.

Anonymous said...

I really have to believe the heart condition was unrelated. A sudden heart attack could happen to anyone, young or old, healthy or living with chronic illness.

Amylia said...

Dear God! I'm reading your blog entry about this woman dying in her husband's arms as I'm watching "Romeo and Juliet," a ballet version on Public TV, and thinking how sad young love sometimes is and how the world deals cruel twists of fate.

Heart disease is the #1 killer in the US. Diabetics are at increased risk. That much I know. Where is the link to this story?

Jillian said...

The link to the story is in the word article if anyone can't see it.

k2 said...

Jillian -
This made us all sad.
We all worry about finding love and wonder if and when we do, will diabetes shorten it?
There's no telling.

My oldest sister has been a T1 since age 12 and is 59 now with 3 grown kid, a great husband, and a kickass grandbaby.

My other sister was diagnosed at age 12 with T1 and died at the age of 34 after massive complications.
Her life was sad struggle, and I think about her everyday.

My dad was a t1 and died at 78, from a bad heart. He and my mom had 6 kids and were married for 53 years.

I think the story of the bride teaches anyone who reads it to live for the day and enjoy each moment.

Kelly k