Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Computer, License, IHOP, and Early Christmas.

I'm doing bullet points. I can't resist.

  • So everything with the computer seems to be falling into place. They replaced the hard drive for free because it's still under warranty, and it also got upgraded to a 2.5gb one because it's all they had left in the store. Small surprises are always nice. We received the recovery discs yesterday, so they ran those on the new hard drive last night. My mom is picking the computer up today. While all of this is going on my old hard drive is making it's way to Louisville (I think). Where the big repairs or whatever are done. They will attempt to retrieve my files at a fee of somewhere around 200 dollars. They won't do anything until they call us with a cost estimate, just in case it's way more. In the end it will be worth it because I have at least that much invested in iTunes music, plus my pictures and school work are priceless. I'm just glad my parents are willing to pay for it. In the meantime I will at least be able to use the new and improved computer while I wait on my old files. Cross your fingers that there will be no issues with retrieving my files! The next step is either an external hard drive or some other back up method (suggestions are welcome.)
  • I have an 8:30 am appointment at the MVA on Friday to take my behind the wheel provisional license test. The only problem is we still haven't heard a thing from the Medical Advisory Board, even though my mom has called almost every day since last Monday. I'll update Friday to let you know how that goes.
  • I also have an interesting get together to attend Friday afternoon. The Thanksgiving crew and I are going bowling and to IHOP. This worries me. First of all, I have only been to IHOP twice, and both of these times I was pump less. We are going at 4 in the afternoon, and my basal rates are not set for me eating at that time. I have this weird issue of going high after dinner, but only when dinner is at a normal hour. So I'm concerned that that basal kick up I have around 7pm will send me falling. I guess it's time to figure out a temporary rate. Plus breakfast food is not exactly carb friendly. Sometimes diabetes is so annoying, when all I want to do is have a little teenage fun!
  • On Saturday morning my sister and I are heading north for an early Christmas with my mom's side of the family. (My parents are going up Friday after my test, and my sister will be arriving here shortly after they leave.) I'm excited to see if I can pull off another holiday with relatively good numbers. I'm also looking forward to seeing my little cousins who I haven't seen in 2 months.
And don't worry I will definitely have license, IHOP, and early Christmas pictures for you!


Donna said...

Wow, Jillian! You are so busy. But it sounds like it's a good kind of busy. Have fun & good luck with the BGs at IHOP.

Hannah said...

Good luck with your BGs, but remember, don't beat yourself up if they're not perfect. Just keep an eye on things and correct if/when you need to. Blah blah blah, you know the drill.

But I only say this because I've spent a lot of time beating myself up over numbers...and here I am, still trying to get things under control. Sigh. That's what blogging is for! Finding people who know what it's like.

Hope you have a blast, though! :) When I was in high school, we'd go to Perkins all the time, and in college is was either the local diner (at school) or Denny's (in my hometown).

Bernard said...


Best of luck at the DMV. And I hope the disk recovery is inexpensive and complete!

As for IHOP, don't forget those Combination boluses, they may be a big help. For example you could take a partial bolus when you order, and have the combination start to deliver the remainder while you're waiting. That way some of the insulin will have started working before you eat. I hope that works out well for you.