Friday, December 14, 2007

Justin Long and his Macs are looking so pretty right now.

So. The hard drive is "bad", and they can't get my files off unless we pay almost 300 dollars for them to ship it somewhere, where the files may not even be able to be saved anyway. So since it's still under warranty, the other option is let them ship it to Sony to get a new hard drive installed. All I keep thinking is, it happened once and it can happen again. Plus when I brought the computer into the tech guy. He looked at my mom and said, "well that's why people buy Macs," when she asked if there were a lot of people who come in with hard drive and/or Microsoft problems. Ugh I don't know what we are going to do.

The only thing that brightened my day was a nice bit o' sussy from Bernard. It's not something that I can take a picture of, but it does have to do with the computer issues and my pictures. THANKS A BUNCH!


Shannon said...

I love Macs. I've been working with them since college. I'm diehard about them

I hope you're able to retrieve your files somehow.

in search of balance said...

Oh no. What a headache! Let me know when you get it all squared away. I don't know how much we have in common musically, but I'll be happy to ship some mix discs to beef up the missing collection.

Take care. Good luck with all this! And even Macs aren't foolproof... my last one died before its time.

Sandra Miller said...

Oh, Jillian-- I'm so sorry.

I know it doesn't look good, but I hope there's some way for you to recover those files.


Naomi said...

We finally invested in an external hard drive so we could back up our junk. I get a little scared about how much we rely on technology!! I hope everything works out soon.

Christine-Megan said...

I love my Mac. I have an external hard drive everything automatically backs up to anyways, just in case.