Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Yay for Arthur!

Why wasn't this little girl on Arthur when I was little? No wonder I named the stuffed Lab puppy I received right after diagnosis, Pal after Arthur's dog. I knew good things were coming from the show. I love educational children's programming!

Sorry for the double post I just could not resist.


Shannon said...

That's awesome.

I'll have to time it right when I show Brendon this clip. He'll be all about the snacks and give about a second's thought toward the girl. Maybe I'll show him after dinner tomorrow night when he knows there's no way I'd make him a fruit smoothie at that time, LOL.

Naomi said...

Arthur is one of the best shows for kids that was ever made.

But... she was feeling low at school, and then she checked and she was 157? Maybe she was trying to get out of a spelling test...

Bernard said...


Thanks for pointing this out. It's a nice segment.

And I think that new picture of you, you look great.

Sandra Miller said...


This episode recently aired here.

When Evan saw the little girl, she came screaming out of the living room:

"Joseph! Joseph! There's a girl with diabetes on Arthur! You have to see!"

In a moment, the three of us were sitting on the couch smiling.

It was very cool.