Saturday, November 17, 2007

Email the Doctor & A Party!

Hat tip to Bernard. If you would like to email the misinforming Dr. Robert Rizza who I spotlighted in yesterday's post. Please feel free to send your feelings to him at rizzaDOTrobertATmayoDOTedu. Who knows, maybe if we all do this they will edit the horrible video or just take it down. Then there will be one less video to add to the world's confusion when it comes to the word Diabetes. I've decided that this will be my tactic from now on. Spot a diabetes error. Point it out to the blogosphere and I will be writing letters to the offenders. So feel free to join me if you ever have the time. What can it hurt? Nothing. What could it change? Everything.

Tonight, I will be celebrating my best friend's 17th birthday! It makes me feel really old. I know I am only 16 and I am complaining about getting old. Maybe the right word is SCARY. It feels like just yesterday we were carpooling to middle school. Now she can drive, and I am about to get my license. By this time next year we will probably both be thinking about where to go for college. It freaks me out. Oh and this will be the first party that Orin and I will attend wearing a dress. Let's just hope I don't have an experience like Kerri.


Amylia said...

It's so lame to say, but times flies. It does. Enjoy the birthday party. I hope Orin doesn't commit any faux pas!

BTW, I AM writing a lettter! Thanks! Oh and double thanks for your nice comment on my blog!

Donna said...

Hi Jillian,
Remember my post on Don't Blink. Like Amylia said, time flies.

Enjoy the party. I hope Orin cooperates & stays put. Good luck & have fun!

Naomi said...

Wait! Where's a picture of the dress??

Orin needs a sequined bag.