Thursday, November 8, 2007

From their lips to your ears.

Oh Halle! Why???

And now The View is getting in on the action...I won't knock them for at least saying something about Diabetes Awareness Month. But way to add to the confusion Babs and company, it can be corrected? News to me Babs! They didn't even say anything about Type 1 Diabetes.

PS. I broke the YouTube rules so they might get deleted at some point. I would love to see what your reaction is after not only reading Halle's words, but hearing her say them. Plus what do you think about the View? Yay or Nay?


Caro said...

Halle says it all when she says "I got a very quick education". So quick, it appears, that she failed to grasp the difference between type 1 and 2. I know I don't need to say it here, but if you come off insulin, how can you say you were ever dependent on it? Dependency on insulin is like dependency on oxygen!

Thanks for posting this. I've read the backlash all over the internet, but it was great to see the words coming from the horse's mouth.

Sandra Miller said...


Thanks so much for posting these videos.

As Caro says, it's great to see the words coming right from the source.

About Halle:

The woman is clueless.

On the the View:

This is Diabetes Awareness Month-- meaning both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Neither type has been excluded from this campaign to increase awareness.

Thus, any discussion on this topic must include a distinction between the two types (along with a description of symptoms, complications... )

On that basis, I'd have to give the View's segment a resounding "Nay."

Anonymous said...

Absolutely appalling

I hate dealing with the physical aspects of having type 1 diabetes, but it is the emotional effects of the constant bullsh*t spouted by ignorant fools that makes me insane

Jillian said...

Caro - Oh so true. I'm glad I could be of help, I was really getting sick of people defending her and saying that the media changed her words.

Sandra - No problem! I totally agree with you. I wish they would have prepared a better and more informative little speech. Instead they all just spewed out more misinformation, and neglected Type 1 completely.

Anonymous - I know exactly what you mean. There is a big difference between people who ask for more clarification about either type of diabetes. But people should not open their mouths about it unless they know real facts.

Donna said...

Thanks for posting these, Jillian. It amazes me the amount of misinformation that's floating around out there. No wonder non-diabetic people think they know so much about diabetes. They get their information from people like this on TV. It's too bad the media doesn't do a little research before they start blabbing this kind of nonsense all over the place.

Cara said...

Wow. Hearing it from her mouth was worse than the actual article. She is so ignorant about this disease. I wonder where she gets the idea that she was diabetic for most of her childhood???? She would probably have been dead by the time she reached adulthood unless she was just mildly insulin resistant at the time. And where does she get off saying that in childhood, nothing hurts. Everything hurt me! Shots, falling, my sprained arm, having blood drawn, etc. Kids hurt all the time. This is so very upsetting to me. Sigh....
As for the View, at least they mentioned it. But I wish they'd done at least a small segment on it, instead of just the short spill they did. It isn't informative, and was actually a little confusing, even to me!

Chris said...

That was painful watching and hearing this. I dont know how but lets hope something positive comes from this. As weird as that sounds we cannot take it as a hit becasue we have made so much progress to let the ignorance take over, this empowers me to advocate harder now.
Thanks for posting this however...i needed to see it for myself. It was like watching a carwreck, i was uncomfortable and queezy at the same time watching this.
I think the View is just a waste anyway so i will not even go there.

Amylia said...

Thank you, Jillian, for posting this. Dang, Halle! That is Sofa King stupid! It is WORSE to hear her say it. I sensed she was a little uncomfortable about it and wanted to change topics. What a fool.

I didn't like the View segment. It wasn't helpful. They should've done more with that. And I don't know why it bugs me so much to hear Barbara Wawa say "diabeetus" but it does.

Can I link to this post on my blog?

J Farrell said...

Wow. With "awareness" like that, it makes you wonder if you actually want the disease to be covered on the air!

I do feel bad for these misguided spokespeople. I've been with Bernard 16 years now and have talked to many people about diabetes (I don't have it myself, except by marriage :-). I seldom meet another person who understands what the Types are all about.

I will say that I think part of the problem is just naming. Type "1" & "2" do nothing to help someone realize that they are two distinctly different situations.