Monday, November 26, 2007

Big Happenings

Well last night I signed up for the JDRF Walk in DC on May 4th, 2008. This will be my first diabetes walk ever. Now I guess I have to start collecting money and recruiting members for my team. The only problem is about half of the people I would ask have no idea I have diabetes. Crazy, I know, but it just never comes up and I am not into that whole "Hello my name is Jillian and I have Type 1 Diabetes". I prefer to keep the diabetes details to a minimum when it comes to my peers. I have always been this way and I am not sure why. I am not ashamed to be a diabetic. I just hate having to explain to others. It's just something I find too personal to tell people who I don't exactly know very well. I'll figure it out. Maybe this Saturday when my group of friends has our own "Thanksgiving" dinner, I'll disclose the D. Oh, the team name is "The J. Walkers" and the motto I plan to put on the t-shirt is "To fight Type 1 Diabetes, we’re breaking all the rules!" (Get it? Perfectly cheesy, I know!)

On to the next topic. Today I started amping up my efforts with my school work. I have been struggling with motivation. I don't know if I mentioned this, but I am basically a year behind in school. So the classes I am working on, except for math are sophomore classes. The
decision to leave traditional school all has to do with anxiety, depression, family issues, and of course diabetes. But I am behind because while the school system tried to figure out a plan for me, I was left in limbo. I had a few school appointed tutors float in and out, but I was not in a place (mentally) for them to be of help. Plus half of them could not teach the subjects I was taking. So basically I got screwed over by the school system. As a result I had a full school year off, while things got figured out. While my friends are struggling through their junior year, I am at home procrastinating. So I am kicking my butt into high gear to catch up, to hopefully "graduate" with them. Today I got organized and started to think of a schedule, but in between I did stuff like this (drawing on my syllabus)
and listened to the Dixie Chicks.
I need to get focused!!!!

Today is also my 1 Month Pump-a-versary


Colleen said...

Jillian - a year off is not the worst thing. BUT - you strike me as being quite intelligent and perfectly capable of catching up, IF that's what you want. Find the motivation and I'm sure you can do this.

Kerri. said...

Happy Pumpaversary. :)

And I know you can find the motivation. You have to find peace in your decisions, too. I'm with you, whatever you decide!

Shannon said...

Dig in and study! I'm with you on the procrastination...I'm a chronic procrastinator.

But, once you get started, you'll be on a roll and you'll get a rhythm going.

I'm so happy I'm not in school anymore ;)

Donna said...

You don't seem to be a procrastinator to me. I'm sure you can do this if you realy want it to happen. You seem very determined & that's a start. Good luck with it!

Seonaid said...

Good luck with the walk! having diabetes isn't the first thing I disclose to people, either. :P and i'm sure you'll do fine with your school work!

oh.. and happy 1 month! I assume everything is going well with the pump?

Naomi said...

Do you want to walk together? :-)

Bernard said...


Best of luck with the fund raising. Print up some business cards with brief details and hand those out. Ask everyone you meet, you might be surprised by the amount you can get by just asking.

As for schooling, are there any local homeschool groups you can connect with? I know that it's hard to get going on some things by yourself.

Phyllis said...

Your number 1 cheerleader says "You can do it if you try!"
Just remember how good you always feel after you finish something!Like the great job you did on your room in preparation for the onslaught of school(lol)

Amylia said...

Hey Jillian,
Don't feel bad about being a year behind. My brother flunked a year and he is one of the brightest, most talented guys I know. It is hard to stay motivated at times (even for us teachers!) and high school is a tough time. I get it about the diabetes--I have people in my life who don't know I have it, and I understand the need to disclose it in your own way and time. Congrats on the walk--maybe it was your psyche's way of "outing yourself" to those you might secretly want to reveal it to? Sorry to go shrink on you. hah! A walk is a great idea!