Monday, September 17, 2007

Quick Update!

Sorry, I drifted off for a bit. Planning a birthday party, researching insulin pumps, waiting for CGMS results, doing school work, and cleaning have kept me very busy!

The results are in NO dawn phenomenon. They saw a slight spike in my morning numbers, but not enough to call it dawn phenomenon. The CGMS also indicated that I could use some tweaking with my insulin to carb ratio around dinner (or when I start pumping my basal rate). My doctor is concerned that there will be some sort of problem with insurance coverage if I go with the Animas 2020. He thinks that since I might be taking close to 100 units a day (based on the amount of insulin I am taking now) that the insurance won't want to cover the fact that I will have to change reservoirs and infusion sets basically every 1.5-2 days. He says that the Animas will have about 180 units after it is primed, compared to the OmniPod which will take less units to prime from its original 200. The thing is I can't see how a less than 20 unit difference will matter that much. No matter what, I will not make it to the third day. Unless by some crazy miracle my insulin needs change dramatically with a pump, which I am not counting on. Any opinions? Am I missing something here? I think I will email the Animas rep we are in contact with to see what she thinks about it all.

This is going to be a busy week for me, Wednesday is my 16th birthday, Friday is my 11th DiaVersary, Saturday is my Sweet 16 Party and also my mom's birthday. I'll be back at some point during the week with something to say. Wishing a great week all!


Jeff said...

Hi Jillian.

I am not familiar with non-MiniMed pumps, but is there a way you could refill an Animas 2020 after two days in order to avoid using more than one reservoir per three day period?

I hope you have a great and Happy 16th Birthday!

Cara said...

My pump (the MiniMed 722) holds up to 300 units of insulin. And I did start taking less insulin when I started the pump. Pre-pump I was taking 33 units of lantus and around 45 or novolog per day to make a total of around 80 units per day. On the pump now, my insulin averages around 45 to 50 units per day. Sometimes less, sometimes more.

Sriram said...

As far as the Animas 2020 goes, I'm in the same boat. I wish they had a 300 unit reservoir, because that's the only reason why I probably will not go with the Animas. My insulin requirements are similar to your on a daily basis.
BTW, your insulin needs may go down once you get on the pump. Let's say you take 100 units a day of basal and bolus total(i'm guessing you're on shots, right?). Assuming your basal rate is 50% of the daily insulin intake, you would take appx. 50/24, say 2 units an hour basal. You could tweak the basal profiles so you get more during certain periods of the day/month.You bolus for the rest as usual at meal times. FOlks typically see a 20% reduction in insulin use when they go to the pump, but it depends from case to case. Get the book "Think like a pancreas" by Gary Scheiner ( It is an invaluable guide to understanding insulin therapy, and has all the facts about pumping too.
BTW, i also reviewed the Deltec Cozmo pump, which has a 300 unit reservoir. You can read the review at
I'll put up the Minimed 722 review tomorrow.

Donna said...

I also use the Minimed 722 (like Cara) & it's working great for me, too. The 300 unit reservoir is wonderful. It gives me one less thing to worry about - or at least I don't have to worry about it very often.

Happy 11th DiaVersay & Happy 16th birthday & I hope your mom has a happy birthday, too! Have fun at your Sweet Sixteen party! What a great week!