Sunday, September 9, 2007

My New Friend Connie

Connie is the super cheesy name I have given my borrowed Con(nie)tinuous Glucose Monitoring System, which came home with me from the Endo on Wednesday. Tomorrow I will mail her back to the land of medical professionals.
I have spent over 72 hours wearing this CGMS. I have had a few comments about the sensor and system. As for sensor size to me it looks similar to the REAL -Time Transmitter. I have take pictures to show this, using MiniMed’s quarter comparison.

The back of the sensor with the adhesive still attached.
(This adhesive was harder to remove than the excessive tape)

The sensor as flat as I could get it next to 3 quarters.

Next to a quarter aerial view.
(I think this picture proves it is actually smaller in size than the REAL-Time.)

As for not having “Real Time” information. For me I really am not interested in CGMS as a long term part of my diabetes management (for now). I understand that the information provided can be extremely valuable to some people, but I know that I would become completely consumed by the data. Chasing numbers, correcting like crazy. I am somewhat if not completely OCD with a lot of things, and I know that the information would drive me crazy. Instead of being helpful, I think it would cause more problems. In my case this 3 day study was to identify if I have do indeed have Dawn Phenomenon and also to pinpoint high postprandial numbers after my evening meal. This is all in preparation for pumping and setting appropriate basal rates. I think if I were ever to use a CGMS again it would be for something
similar, just a short period of time. For instance if I was having over night lows, to see when the dropping started, etc. Now I am not knocking those who use CGMS as a part of their daily diabetes care, but I know it’s not for me.
I did learn a few things from being attached to something. I can do it, that was probably one of my biggest concerns about pumping. This has been a great prep for my saline trial, then pump start. I have definitely been “grabbed” by door handles. But I was able to do everything I do regularly with no interruptions. I slept comfortably. Went shopping for my sweet sixteen party dress. Made it through a
horrible bout of seasonal allergies. The weirdest part was the shower pak thing, I felt like some sort of medical tourist with this protective plastic purse around
my neck. But instead of a camera, I had my CGMS hanging there. Overall it has
been a true learning experience. I am sure when I actually see the data I will learn a lot more.

(I apologize for the wonky layout, I copied over from Word and it went insane.)


cesnh said...

Hi Jillian,

I've been reading your posts for awhile and am quite impressed. You're a remarkable young lady!

Bernard said...

I like the name. And I'm so thrilled for you that you get to go on a pump. Now you'll have to think of a name for her (him?).

I'll bet the pump makes a huge difference.

Donna said...

I with you, Jillian. I don't think I'm ready for the CGMS yet. I'm very OCD about things & I think it would drive me crazy, too. A lot of people like it, though. Maybe someday I'll venture into the CGMS world - but not yet. I love the name you had for it though - very creative.