Friday, September 7, 2007

Jilly Jill and the Pumpy Bunch

(You will understand the title by the end of the post.)

So it’s just after 3 am. What am I doing awake you may be asking yourself. Unfortunately my seasonal allergies have kicked in and I am all stuffed up so sleeping is just not working out. Plus, I woke up at about 1 am checked in at a falling 84. So I ate a few lifesavers just to bring it up a touch, and to prevent sleeping through the inevitable low I felt coming on.
Anyway so my mind started turning as it does when I have nothing to do with myself, and what did topic did my brain decide was right for the wee hours of the morning? Pumps. What else is new? Lately if it’s not my Sweet 16 Party, it’s Diabetor knocking on the door of my brain. So what am I thinking you might ask? Which pump of course! Animas or Omnipod.
The only reason that the OmniPod is even back in the running is because my doctor suggested investigating them, and having the reps do the insurance leg work just to see what kind of coverage we could get. In the beginning I was all Omnipod all the time. NO TUBES! HECK YES! Insurance shot down our inquiries so I decided what the heck traditional pumps I could do it. My research took me to every pump possible, even ones not available in the US. After reviewing each pump pretty thoroughly, Animas was the front runner. It has what I want features wise, I like the OneTouch meter is works with, its waterproof (Yes, I know it can still flood if it has a tiny crack, but that’s what the warranty is for), I like the loaner program, the customer service has been excellent and I am not even a pumper yet. And to tell you the truth I like the look of it, and if I am going to have to live with it for the next 4 years I think that’s kind of a big deal.
As I rolled around in bed trying to fall back asleep, I thought hey I have this CGMS thing attached and I barely notice the site. I can sleep on it, without feeling it at all. Could I do that with an OmniPod? I kind of doubt that I wouldn’t notice I was laying on about a half egg sized piece of hard plastic. You can’t see the site under my clothes (for the CGMS and I am assuming it would be the same for an infusion site), so what if the wire/tubing hangs loose? With an OmniPod will you see it? Probably. I mean come on I am a teenager, I do not want some weird blob sticking out on my already somewhat pudgy stomach. Another thing I like about the infusion site with tubing is that I could move around the actual pump. Pocket, waistband, thigh thing, you name it, the pump moves! OmniPod not so much, I don’t think that makes diabetes a “smaller part of life”, I know myself it would make me so annoyed and self conscious. I also think it’s a bit wasteful? Little batteries, a crap load of plastic, and probably some insulin goes in the trash with each pod. Now I am not knocking anyone who has the OmniPod or who will choose it. But I know now that it isn’t right for me. Oh and I forgot to mention the fact that it will be extremely sad that I won't be going with OmniPod, because I really love to call and listen to the reps with Boston accents. Yeah I know weird. Blame it on Mark Wahlberg.

So if I don’t get anything else out of the CGMS study, I know I can be attached and be comfortable. Back to bed!


Jeff said...

Hi Jillian.

Congrats on the nice drop in A1c. When I did the CGMS thing for 3 days, they plastered me with so much tape that it made me impervious to small caliber bullets! The tape was unusual for me because I never use any at all when I change infusion sets.

I rarely have a problem with the 42" of tubing that connects the reservoir to the site. It makes it easy to relocate the pump for different activities like cycling, sleeping, and 'dress up' events such as dinners, weddings, etc. Care must be taken not to fetch it up on doorknobs, bedposts, drawerpulls and other such obstacles. I cringe at the thought.

Have a great weekend.


Scott said...

As a former pump wearer, I can tell you that you are asking some of the right questions in terms of choosing a pump, after all, you're going to be pretty close to it for the next few years! I also favor Animas pumps because I chose them when they were still the newcomer, and I like that they use non-proprietary infusion sets (unlike Medtronic Minimed), meaning you have more choices on infusion sets and can choose the one you like best, not the one the pump company is selling. Also, keep in mind that there's nothing wrong with trying a pump, and later changing your mind. Everyone told me I would never return. The reality is that if your basal rates (e.g. background insulin) needs don't change much throughout the day, then pumps don't really deliver much improvement in control (although that depends on your control pre-pump, too), but for some people, that's a saving grace. Its likely to be unique for you. Anyway, best of luck in your decision!

Penny said...

My son has been on the Animas 1250 for 18 months now and I love it. We've had some issues with having to return pumps and get new ones, but they always have the pump delivered the next day. And, in the 6 pumps that he's had only one actually died and he had to go back to shots for a day. That one died due to a crack in the casing (we're guessing we couldn't actually see a crack) and my son had gone swimming with it on.

But, don't worry. It really is waterproof. My son does a lot of swimming and he wears his pump in the tub every night. It's only had a problem that one time.

Best of luck to you on your pumping journey.

Nikki said...

Nice post. Love the Mark Walberg comment!

Nikki said...

Thanks Jillian! Have a great weekend yourself :)

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Hi Jillian,

I had seen your comments at several blogs and thought I would visit. I am with you on the omnipod being too big. I am small too and who wants a big bulge sticking out of a fitted summer top. What also bothered me was - what if I forget the transmitter part somewhere. With a pump it is all attached to you. I like that. I don't want another thing I have to keep track off. But that is me. My only problem with pumps is that I really get annoyed when I get bubbles in the line. You avoid such problems with the Omnipod. I have solved the bubble problem by wearing my pump upside down - that way bubbles remain in the cartridge. Just a little tip. Maybe like me you do not use much insulin - small bubbles DO mess me up. Anyhow good luck and nice blog!

Sriram said...

Hi Jillian,

Thank you for the comment on my blog.
Wanted to let you know that I'm reviewing the Deltec Cozmo insulin pump, and should have a review written up by monday.

You are asking the right questions in your evaluation of insulin pumps. Choose the one that you like, and are comfy with.


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