Monday, September 24, 2007

Comments Galore!

So instead of going to every individual site and saying thank you to everyone multiple times for each comment, when I start slacking I will just have a post dedicated to thanking the devoted readers out there! So here goes....


Albert (twice)
Cara (thrice )
Shannon (twice)
Penny (thrice)
Scott (twice)

Now to actually address some of them...
Yes, my mom is pretty amazing to put up with me on a daily basis, diabetes wise or just because I am a teenager. I'll tell her you guys said happy birthday. And she did read the post, Cara.
Penny, sorry I made you cry! To Shannon & Penny: Hopefully some day Riley & Brendon will be able to express what your love and care has meant to them.
Thanks to all for the Diaversary comments, I am no where near the perfect and always compliant diabetic, but I've made it this far. I also want everyone to know that I came to the OC at a time when I felt like giving up, but I have learned and grown so much, reading the posts and comments from all of you!
To Scott, Dr. Infamous is not getting anything from the companies. Trust me he hates the drug and pump reps more than most doctors, he refuses anything from them when they come except for an iced coffee. Even though I'm sure many of them would try to buy him way more.
And to everyone, I'm going with the Cozmo. After lengthy discussions, comparisons, website tours, talking to the reps. I can not let the fact that I like the look of one over the other, out weigh rhe medical advantages. I need the 300 unit cartridge, the pump is supposed to be a way to free yourself from some of the constant(ness) of diabetes. With the Animas, it would all become about timing and waiting for that one and a half day mark when my cartridge would run out. Potentially leading to more sleepless nights and more anxiety than I already experience. Mom faxed the papers in this morning so now we wait. Until then I'll be watching all the videos on the Cozmo site.


Amylia said...

Congrats on making a decision about which pump works best for YOU! The Cozmo seems like a great fit. I think you're gonna love it. Now, if I could only get myself one! :)

Albert said...

Yay, my first diabetes blog shoutout!

Glad you've decided on the Cozmo. Hope it works out for you, you can share all about that to. It'll be interesting to hear stories about the pump in school.

Shannon said...

Wow, thank you for thanking us, LOL. I'm sure I speak for the others when I say this was such a feel good post for me.

Brendon is on the Cozmo. We love it. We don't have a care in the world when it comes to its performance.