Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Decisions, Decisions!

Fun birthday! Lunch with the parentals, test drove some cars! Well okay I wasn't driving them, my dad was...but whatever. Looks like when the time comes I will be getting a Scion xB, you know the little box car you see scooting down the road, dream car number two. The first dream is a Mini Cooper, but that is out of the price range. So we get home from a wonderful dinner, and there are a few birthday messages on the answering machine. Along with one from the good old Infamous Endo, "Hi this is Dr. Infamous, I just wanted to make sure you really want to go with the Animas, okay thanks call me back so we can talk about it!" Okay Dr. Infamous, you have already planted seeds of doubt about my Animas dreams, I sent you the paper work to make sure... And then you call. So okay fine fine. I look it all over again. Go to the websites, look at the comparison chart. Fine tomorrow we will send in the Cozmo one, to tell you the truth I only didn't want it because I wanted the color screen of the Animas. But it is stupid not to go with a pump that basically will do the same things for me, covers my major concerns (waterproof, luer-lock, 300 units). So what is this change of heart number 45!? Well I guess with age comes wisdom! Cozmo it is!

PS. Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday it means alot. I haven't been returning comments, but I will get to everyone individually! Good Night!


Christine-Megan said...

Happy Birthday!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

I have a Cozmo and I love it! Good choice! Yes, aren't Mini-Coopers cute. Check out Citroen C3 Pluriel - it has to be the pluriel model. Oh so pretty...... I would not want one actually b/c we have a Volvo stationwagon. We need a Volvo stationwagon. I certainly DON'T want the hassle of another car when it isn't necessary - but the Pluriels by Citroen are oh so cute! I am not talking about price or anything PRACTICAL, just cuteness!

Scott said...

Happy Birthday. Don't let Dr. Infamous persuade you to abandon the Animas. I learned that many have sweetheart deals with pump companies, and the Los Angeles Times already reported that a majority of U.S. doctors get free meals, trips, weekends, golf outings, etc. from these companies, so make sure he gives you a solid reason for choosing another pump, otherwise stick to your guns!

travis said...

I hate to sow more seeds of doubt, but I just thought I'd throw my two cents in-
I just went through the pump-choosing process a few months ago myself, and chose the Animas. It's the smallest, it's waterproof, and the best-looking in my opinion. As for the reservoir issue, I've found that what they tell you about changing cartridges/infusion sets all the time and all at the same time is total BS. If your cartridge is running low, and you still have some time on your infusion set (I usually do 4 days for mine), you can just take out the cartridge, give it a quick refill, and reload it - no priming necessary, since you keep the same tube, already full of insulin, and the same infusion set. It's about a 1.5-minute process.

The other nice thing about the Animas is that the battery lasts forever - I've replaced mine twice in the 5ish months I've had it. I even went backpacking through Peru and Bolivia with it, with no problems at all.

What Scott above said it totally true too - you really have to make all your own informed decisions with diabetes. I'm sure the Cozmo is good too, but I don't know too much about it.
good luck,