Thursday, July 5, 2007

Picture Perfect.

Glucose readings that is. I received my new One Touch Ultra Mini today and promptly ripped open the box and 5 seconds later a beautiful 117 pops up! I laughed and said to my mom, "that's good enough for a commercial." I also love the fact that the little case has an outside pocket that fits my matching pink cellphone! This will be great when I don't feel like carrying a bulky purse with all my D stuff I can throw an insulin pen, my phone, & even a few dollars in the little pocket and go.

On to other news. I have experienced 6 hypos in 3 days. Which for me is CRAZY to say the least. They weren't severe, only in the 60's and 70's, but they can be a bit exhausting. It's definitely safe to say I have had a lot of Dum-Dums and Swedish Fish (my Hypo fighting weapons of choice). I attribute the lows to all the house work I have been doing in preparation for my extended family coming into town next weekend. Moving and packing boxes, rearranging furniture, and reorganizing apparently does a major number on my blood sugars.

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Bernard said...

Aren't these so much fun?

I managed to get a few for a friend of mine who has two kids on pumps, a boy (green mini) and a girl (pink mini). Me, I've got the black one.

Until they make it possible to download the data, I can only use this for backups. But it really is a nice gadget to use.