Monday, July 23, 2007

Long Weekend.

So after a weekend of relatives, Harry Potter hooplah, and crazy blood sugars all is back to normal.

Spending time with my little cousins was fun as always. The youngest who is just one just started walking last week so she was showing everyone her skills. Her older brothers were as animated as ever. Asking 20 questions about anything and everything, from preschool to if I go to church. We swam, ate (crabs, birthday cake for my uncle, hamburgers, hots, the works), camped out in the living room, and they completely disorganized everything in my craft room. Over all it was a pretty good weekend although I wish I could have spent more time with my sister and everything was so hurried it was like a whirlwind. Oh did I not mention that my blood sugars were completely inconsistent ? Which probably had to do with the fact that I was eating way more than I usually do and I took a Symlin vacation. I just didn't feel like using syringes and going through the process of drawing it up, I AM REALLY LAZY AND I HATE SYRINGES! OH PLEASE LET THERE ONE DAY (soon) BE A SYMLIN PEN!

I went to a release party at the local Barnes & Noble for the 7th and final Harry Potter Book on Friday Night. I'm really glad I did, it was really fun. I met some of my friend's friends. Observed some crazy little kids and grown-ups who were all incredibly excited. Great costumes from a family dressed as Dolores Umbrige, Moaning Myrtle, Harry Potter, and the father was in his work clothes with a label that said "Muggle", needless to say they won the costume contest. The worst part was spending a half hour in line at the Starbucks for 2 fraps and a diet root beer. As promised here are some pictures:
 (The shirts, wands, and broken Harry-like glasses are all my creations. Mine says Mrs. Finnigan for my favorite character Seamus Finnigan, and my friend lets call her the "Model" from now on, is Ron's Boo, for Ron Weasley)
Me with my book on the ride home! Oh and I still haven't finished it yet because of all the things going on this weekend, so don't spoil it!

So it's off to driver's ed with me. I'm sure this will become another topic that will increasingly involve good ol' Diabetor!

Ps. Congrats to the entire TuDiabetes Community we broke 500!

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