Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Oh They're Not Talking About Me.

In a recent Democratic Presidential Debate 2 Candidates, Dodd and Richardson, said they had plans to cure diabetes while in office. So of course my ears perked up when I heard this. But then words like prevention, obesity, and vending machines in schools came out of Dodd's and Richardson's mouth. I realized, they weren't talking about me and the other 5-10% of diabetics who have Type 1. Theye were talking about those glossy magazine adds for medication and those catchy commercials featuring overweight Type 2 diabetics. If Mr. Richardson or Mr. Dodd knew anything they would know that Diabetes in general is an umbrella term. They should have stated that they were talking about Type 2 Diabetes, because as far as I know these prevention plans and reduction soft drinks in schools, would not have helped me. As a bouncing 4-5 year old girl I was not drinking soda, and I was definitely not overweight. If anything at the onset of my Type 1 I was underweight and all I drank was a continuous stream of water. I can not believe the ignorance of some people who want to be the leaders of our country. They both sort of mentitioned stem cell research, but not in a way that made me believe they knew there is any other type of diabetes except type 2. The sad thing is they have researchers and people behind them that should be telling them the true facts, but instead they are allowed to make blanket statements and give misinformation to the uneducated public. THERE ARE more than TWO TYPES OF DIABETES!!!! And I wish ONE candidate was smart enough to know this and say they were planning for a cure for me and all of the other type 1's as well as the type 2's!

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