Monday, July 9, 2007

Loosing Sleep.

Good ol' D is trying to play mind games with me and I refuse to let him win! As I've discussed before I have figured out that I have dawn phenomenon. So for awhile I watched the numbers instead of treating them through the night to pin point the pattern. About a week ago I started diligently setting the alarm on my cell phone and waking up 3 times through the night to scare D off and wake up with a number in range. At first I saw that around 9 pm is where my readings would start to climb (chalk that up to the invisble sugar fairie) lets say that reading is 102. I'm obviously not going to take any sort of correction. It's 9:44 I'm tired time for Levemir 135, ugh D leave me alone, I know I'm climbing but I figure hey it won't get too high. But D and the sugar fairie have other ideas. 11pm 242, damn it, correction back to bed. 1am 289, what the hell!? I don't want to correct again for fear of stacking and causing a low. 3 am 301, I hate these unresponsive numbers! Correction and D I'll see you at 8 for breakfast. Breakfast 245, down but no where near in range. After breakfast everything is fine. No visits from the fairie and D is playing nice. The good days lead to bad nights consistently. Unresponsive and climbing highs, then all of a sudden (usually) if I correct around 4am I'll wake up with a nice 135 for breakfast. I don't get it. I end up 3 days on the D night shift and so tired the 4th night that I have to just sleep through it and wake up high. What's a girl to do?

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