Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Something is wrong...

With my meter, at least I think. Last night before I took my Levemir I tested like I always do. I felt like my reading would be in the 100's because it had been at dinner and I was feeling a little funky like a false hypo. I tested at 9:55 @ 225, it just didn't seem right. 9:56 200, still I felt like it wasn't right. 10:00 185 closer to what I thought. Now either in 5 minutes I dropped by 40 or something is wrong with my meter. I looked for my coding solution and guess what its expired, so I'm getting a new bottle today. But this still concerns me because either A) I am experiencing these quick drops in glucose level, which I am aware has happened before. Or something is wrong with my meter and who knows how long it has been giving me these presumably incorrect readings!!!!!!!! ughhhhhh.


Allison said...

Meters actually have a variability of plus or minus 20% - so that's plus or minus 20 points! If your blood sugar was 200, it's reasonable to think you could get readings at 220 or 180. The range is wider as your blood sugars are more out of range. If you're in the 100s, most variability between a single meter and different meters is just a few points. I wouldn't worry about it unless you notice it happening a lot. On my BD meter, when I felt low, I would always register at mid-70s to mid-80s. Now that I'm using an Ultra, my meter tells me I'm in the mid-50s to mid-60s. If you think it's happening a lot (where you feel high or low and it just isn't matching at all) then I would call the meter company and ask for a new one. Otherwise, could just be a fluke - weird test strip or something.

Kerri. said...

Hey Jillian,

I'm feeling your pain on those varying results. I posted about my frustrations today over at my blog, Six Until Me.

I have felt very frustrated about these variances, but on the whole, it's a rare thing. I don't kow what causes the flukes, but I definitely know how maddening they can be!

Good luck, and I hope things even out for you soon!

-- Kerri.