Friday, May 11, 2007

A Better Day...

Than usual that is.

My numbers were in the low 200's all day until now when I checked in at 158 (before dinner reading), which for me is amazing. My mom and I did our good blood sugar dance, which doesn't occur very often. Earlier in the day I corrected when I was at 258, which is against my endo's advice. I've been doing this more frequently in the past 2 weeks, after seeing one of my doctors assitants (we didnt even talk about correction we didnt really talk about anything except for how bad my numbers are, but she didnt give me any advice on how to fix that, I hate when I have to see someone other than my usual endo) and then discovering forums and blogs in the OC. I decided that I would be willing to try anything to get myself to an HbA1c of 9 or better (kind of a statement of defiance to my doctor and his assistant that I can reach the goal they set for me, and I'll do it my way). But I don't care because my doctor has previously said I should correct over 300 which seems stupid to me to let it get that high. Maybe I'm wrong, but I've learned that sometimes you know your diabetes better than your doctor.
I've decided that searching the internet for information about diabetes is sometimes very depressing. Complications scare me the most. I'm only 15 and thankfully I care about getting my disease in check, but it still isnt in control. I have great eye sight, no foot problems, kidney issues, etc. But I know that if things dont change with my control its all going to end. I'm lucky now, but how long will it be until my luck runs out? These are things I have started thinking about lately. Not in a morbid way, but in an OMG I have to get my $#!+ together soon. I'm working with this disease now, not letting it walk all over me anymore!

I'm going away for the weekend to visit my grandparents for mother's day with my mom, so I'm sure my numbers will be out of wack since I wont be following my usual schedule. More when I get back I guess. My life is boring. Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there!

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Megan said...

Good luck with improving your blood sugars! It sounds like a new doctor might be in order. I agree with you, 300 is way too high to be just starting to correct. I correct over 140. If you have any questions on this quest, the OC has some very knowledgeable members.