Wednesday, May 16, 2007

So maybe I have really bad luck..

First Thanks! for the feedback. From it my conclusion is I have a crazy doctor, who possibly doesn't know what he is doing. Hmm, that's nice to know. The thing is now that I think about it correction factors were never brought up by any of the 5 endos I have ever had, except for the one I am seeing now. Which to me seems like hey at least he told me, but then again he didn't tell me exactly the right thing. I mean I have never expected miracles from any of my doctors, but seriously if I'm going to be your human science experiment please give me better guidelines that will keep me alive. So I talked to my mom about the advice I received via email and comment, and she was confused to say the least. Let's just say ever since I took over giving myself shots in 4th grade my mom has kind of just been the one who drives me to the appointments says some stuff but usually has no idea what she is talking about. I mean thats probably my fault cus I'm not like hey mom lets check out my numbers, do you how many carbs are in this, etc. I am extremely independent with my diabetes and it hasnt bothered me except for now that my mom is like well "he is such a nice doctor the best one we have had" which I would have to agree with. I think the problem is communication because my mom takes over at the appointments rambling about things (that she really doesn't know about) and then I don't say much (which is pretty typical for me because I hate talking to doctors and other types of people who I don't know on a completely personal level). So my plan is that at my next appointment on June 1st I will lay it out on the table, tell him I think he is a crazo and ask him for more solid advice, and not just changing my insulin doses and weighing me like he usually does. I want conversation, I am going to be more active in this. If I have to I'll get my mom to sit in the waiting room. If that doesn't work, then I'll have to find a new doctor because I am sick of being out of control. I mean seriously I have had 4 doctors from Children's National Medical Center who basically did nothing for me (aren't doctors supposed to be smart and actually help you !?!). And now this guy who is apart of Johns Hopkins. I mean I am not blaming him for everything, I am not the easiest patient, I haven't had the best care with my previous doctors, I don't have the greatest family situation among other things. But now I am trying to get it together and I hope that he will be on board to help me. (wow i feel like I was rambling all of that and it makes no sense.)

Oh yeah and to make matters worse I have suddenly had a horrible reaction to the tree pollen, so I am sick and in turn my numbers are more out of whack than usual. I'm talking 135 to 327 ridiculousness!

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