Monday, May 28, 2007


It's been awhile. So an update, I've started correcting whenever I check and I'm over 200. I figure hey it can't hurt to try. I have noticed that doing this keeps me from swinging into the high 300's. But the mid 200's still isnt good. Diabetes confuses me but what else is new.

Friday my 9 year old cousin caught me giving myself a shot while we were eating at a picnic table at an amusement park. I usually try to inject away from the little ones just as to avoid fears and too many questions. But she handled it pretty well, just a simple "whats that for? and does it hurt?". It reminded me of a time last summer when my mom said to me Jill do you have your meds, and one of my other cousins asked what I needed medicine for. How do you explain diabetes to a 5 year old!? Something along the lines of, "I take this special medicine because when I eat sugar, my body doesn't like it and I get a bad tummy ache", was the best I could come up with on the spot. Spending time with my cousins makes me so happy for them but some times it makes me hate diabetes. When I was there age I didnt just not eat the way they do, I didn't just say its time for a treat! Snack times were an annoying not a joyful thing to look forward to. And now we go to an amusement park and I skip the ice cream because I don't feel like taking a shot to cover it, while they have it dripping down their faces. I guess I'm jealous, I wish I had that when I was little. But in the same breath I'm glad that they probably will never have to deal with this and that makes me happy.
I spent all of Saturday eating crappy fatty food and popping swedish fish in my mouth while sitting by the pool with my cousins, and all day I ran in the mid 100's CRAZY!!!!! Tomorrow I'll get some blood drawn for the endo appointment I have on friday, hopefully my HbA1c will be down a tiny bit, my 90 day average on my meter is lower so maybe thats a good sign.
Good numbers yesterday and so far today too! Maybe I'm turning a corner, I sure hope so.
Off to enjoy this beautiful Memorial Day!

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