Friday, June 1, 2007

Highs and Lows.

And I don't just mean blood sugar. No more meter issues yet. Yesterday I had a low of 56, which felt like crap. It happened after I did some excercising then hopped in our pool to cool off. I checked in before I started at 220, which usually means I can excercise and it will come down. But never down that far. I was floating around when I said to my mom "I think I'm low", the sad thing is if she hadn't been there I don't know if I would have been able to get out and what the outcome would have been. And then I turned into the hypo hoover, first a few ounces of soda, then a handful of chips, then I settled on eating a hot dog so I wouldnt be overloading on carbs. I can't stand how hungry I feel when I get that low. It's like rationally I can't just wait a few minutes for my blood sugar to come up, it's more of a "me want cookie" Cookie Monster syndrome.

Had an Endo apppointment today. Even though my HbA1c is now 10.5 up from 10.3 a month ago. The appointment was way better then the usual ones are. I was way more vocal and my mom took the backseat so to speak. We decided to try Symlin in addition to my current NovoLog and Levemir, except I will cut back my NovoLog by 1/2. This is the first step on a plan we made of trying new things to get in range, but hopefully it will be the only one we need to make. The benefits sound pretty good: less insulin, less post meal spikes, and possible weight loss. My doctor has been asking if I wanted to try this for awhile, but I was just not upto extra injections. But now I'm not going to let that get in the way of better control. So here goes nothing.

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Jennifer said...

Are you familiar with the website, and its more grownup counterpart, These are fabulous websites to get information from. I have learned so much there since my daughter was diagnosed almost 4 years ago. (she was 2, now she is 6) We started pumping at the age of 3. Your dr.'s belief that you must have a lower A1C in order to pump, or get the omnipod, is ridiculous. Many of the knowledgeable diabetes experts out there, say young people with a higher A1C are exactly the ones who should be pumping! The Children with Diabetes organization also has educational conferences all around the country. You can learn SO much there. And they call their big summer conference "friends for life" because you can meet other teens like yourself, and really become good friends, and everyone shares their ways of dealing with this disease, advice, support, friendship~its a great feeling to have those things available to you. Please check out their website, I think you will learn so much there to help you in your struggle with diabetes. Hang in there!