Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Driving, Diabetes as a Disability, and the Wizdom Kit

Buckle up kids, this is going to be a long ride.

Driving! I got my permit, and let me say that people of the road be nice to people who drive slow! Double yellow lines mean NO passing, I should know it was in the Driver's Handbook! So far I have only been driving around my town, I refuse to go on any main roads, which include US Route 1. Basically I am very afraid, and to add to that other drivers are extremely inconsiderate. The first drive produced a stress induced high of 277 (not that bad but still I blame this on the passers and speeders). The third a low, I was with my sister and as we got close to our destination (the local library) I said "I'm getting low but I can make it to the library." We get the library safe and sound and I'm 59. Well at least I know I can stay focused if absolutely needed, although I don't ever want to drive and be that low again. So far so good. Watch out DC Metro Area. Jillian is permitted to drive!

Diabetes as a Disability? After the lady at the MVA accused me of wearing contacts, which no I don't thank you very much. Sorry to tell you that my 20/40 vision is just a gift from the health gods, even though I have all the odds against me genetically and because of the D. She said, "Do you have any disabilities?". My response was, "Well if you consider Diabetes a disability then I guess so." Ugh I thought this wouldn't come up until December! So she proceeds to fill in some paper work and then says that she is going to have trouble finding the MAB (Medical Advisory Board) paperwork (like its a huge joke) and we even heard another clerk laugh. So if they don't feel like it's a big then why since I have diabetes do I have to fill in a small stack of paper work get a doctor's approval form, and I am still going to be reviewed when I complete all of the paperwork. No only does this paper work ask for D details, but questions about other members of my families health. Even as far as asking "Have you ever felt life is not worth living?" umm HELLO I think the majority of teens especially girls have thought this at some point. So my question is why because I have diabetes do you MVA MAB get to dive into my personal life with things that are completely un D related? And plus I don't think my Diabetes is a disability at all.

The ADA WIZDOM KIT I wish they had these when I was first diagnosed or even just in my earlier years as a diabetic. The kit comes with an assortment of fun learning tools for parents and kids. A book for "Parents Only" with tips on coping, insulin injections, diet, etc and a similar more kid friendly and fun illustrated book for the child with diabetes. A pen, Juggling balls (with instructions) which represent the 3 parts (food, medication, and excercise) you have to juggle as a diabetic, a picture frame magnet with little phases to make sentences about living with diabetes, an advocacy postcard, an insulin administration guide, a dvd about the daily ins and outs of diabetes care for newly diagnosed kids and teens. Anyone out there that has a kid with diabetes, even if they are not recently diagnosed should look into getting one of these kits. By the way they are free!

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