Thursday, June 14, 2007

Symlin Success and Free Meters!

So it's been awhile but I was just trying to wait out blogging until I had some good news. And guess what !? I have some! My average reading is down by 50!!! And almost all of my readings have been in the 100's since I reached the maximum 10 unit dose of Symlin. At first I was convinced that this was just another thing that wouldn't work for me. But once I reached 10 units after increasing by 2.5 units every 3 days (starting at 2.5 then 5 then 7.5 and now 10). It has been amazing! I never thought I would see numbers like this without alot of work. The only thing that sucks is the fact that I can barely eat which has landed me in a few lows after meals, because I inject for a certain number of carbs, even though I am cutting that dose in half. There are some meals where I can barely eat a thing and so I end up bottoming out after. No severe hypos though which was my biggest concern. I did have some nausea starting out, but now it has subsided. I don't even mind the added injection, although it dose take more time. They really need to come out with a Symlin pen! That would be AMAZING!!! All in all Symlin may just be my miracle drug, but who knows it might not be for everyone.

Check out the new One Touch Ultra Mini (I'm sure you have all seen the commercials) take the survey and you might be eligble to get one free in any of the colors or an Ultra2. I got the pink one!

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