Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I think we can all agree that yesterday was very successful.
I know that I laughed, cried, and most of all felt like I would never be alone with this disease.
I could hear our chorus of voices, and I hope that many others out there did as well.
Thank you all!
For stopping by to read what I had to say.
For the wonderful comments and compliment.
For standing up and raising your voice.


Colleen said...

Wasn't it fun?! And I KNOW you got more than one compliment.

I stayed up too late just trying to read and learn and meet some new bloggers.

Donna said...

I think yesterday brought us all a little closer together. It was very comforting to read about other people's experiences that were so similar to mine. I think it was a very successful day, too.

Ashley said...
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