Monday, April 7, 2008

Raise Your Voice Banners.

Colleen sent me an email asking for help posting the animated version of the Raise Your Voice banners.
I realize Kerri didn't exactly give you guys the right instructions to post the banners with their animation.
So for those of you who aren't HTML savvy, here are the instructions to make it a bit easier for you. The beginning of the instructions only apply for those of you with blogger blogs, but the codes should work for everyone...

From the Blogger Dashboard:
click Manage Layout.
Then in Add and Arrange Elements, click Add a Page Element. A window should pop up, you need to choose the "HTML/JavaScript" option.
Another window will pop up with a blank text box.

In that blank text box post one of the following codes, but replace the { } with their corresponding greater than and less than signs < >. I've linked all of the banners back to
Kerri's Original Alert Day post. The codes are beneath their corresponding images. (I can see that my blog layout does not allow you to view the whole code, but by highlighting until the end of what you can see and then copying should select the entire code.)


Colleen said...

Yay!! Jillian!!!

Shannon said...

Thanks, Jillian :)

Naomi said...

Thanks Jillian. You are so much more techno savvy than me!

Jillian said...

No problem!