Friday, April 25, 2008


I'm hooked. On the Diabetes OC!
I spent the entire day away from my computer and I missed you guys! You see it's very unusual for me to miss reading everyone's blogs. My school program is web-based, so I'm always online and I happen to pop by Diabetes Daily frequently to check out the blogs. But I decided to take the day off and accompany my sister around town.
Unfortunately I'll be bowing out again for the weekend because I have a lot to do! Tomorrow I'm hosting a party for the members of my JDRF walk team to personalize their team t-shirts. I have to tidy up the house, finish the painting the team name on the front of the shirts, figure out food, and pray that it doesn't rain because I want to work on the shirts outside. Oh and did I mention my mom is out of town so she isn't here to help me out with any of this?! Oy responsibility! With the walk only a week away I'm trying to round up my straggling donors and figure out if I will be able to reach my goal. I'm also supposed to be meeting the wonderful Jill and Naomi at the walk, but because this is my first one I have no idea how exactly that will work out (suggestions are welcome). Anywho I'm just checking in to say happy Friday and have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jillian! My name is Katie and I am a 16 year old diabetic with a blog too that is also a bit rambly sometimes =] I really enjoyed reading some of yours.. we should chat sometime!
-- Katie

Ashley said...

have fun at the walk!! :) i'll say a sun cheer for yall!

Naomi said...

And I'm psyched that I get to meet the wonderful Jillian at the walk!!!

We'll figure it all out somehow. Good luck with the shirts!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I definitely go through withdrawal too.. reading everyones blogs is just a part of my day now! anyway, have fun at the walk! It sounds like you've really put a lot or work into getting getting it organized :)