Friday, April 11, 2008

What I need...

Before I get to the meme that I found via Penny a quick update.

I was pretty successful with the school work goals I mentioned Monday. I was able to consistently work every day except for Thursday when I spent the day out of the house at a doctor's appoint and roaming around town. Wednesday site change slip up set me back a bit, with wacky blood sugars and the icky bloody stuff I hate so much. I spent this morning doing school work, and then headed off to another rugby game. Unfortunately our team lost but they were playing the # 6 team in the country, without their 2 star players who are injured. Two of my friends had to be taken out of the game after being hit pretty badly, but thankfully they will be alright. It was a beautiful day at almost 80 degrees, and I enjoyed being out in the sun. I've even got a bit of a sun burn/tan on my face. I love spring!

And now for the meme: '

Jillian needs to do something besides her all alone, unrelenting mourning.

Really? I'm not mourning anything right now, but I do tend to sulk off by myself when bad things happen.

Jillian needs her tonsils and adenoids out.

No I don't. I hope this isn't a prediction of something in my future.

Jillian needs our prayers.

Well if you're offering I'll take them.

Jillian needs to get her own style and she needs to stop dressing like she's 23 and on the Hills.

I love this one. Um someone was definitely in a great mood when they posted this. I would have to say my style no where near that of the girls on the The Hills. I'm totally a t-shirt and jeans girl with little pops of style (mostly my shoes).

Jillian needs to know that her mind has not caught up with the rest of the country.

I think not. I'm pretty spot on with mainstream America.

Jillian needs the thin runway models.

This has to be about Project Runway, by the way Jillian was my favorite contestant. Anyway I hate to admit this but I'm totally mean when it comes to modeling shows. I don't know why but I love to say that girls who would be considered thin in real life are too fat to be models. I'll sit you know eating my pop corn and yelling at the tv about how fat some girl who weighs about 110 pounds is. I should mention that I am pleasantly plump so I have no room to speak. Do you see what the American media has done to my brain!?!

Jillian needs to boost (steal) something to feel better.

Actually it's quite the opposite. I could never steal, I'd have a panic attack.

Jillian needs to re-read her job description.

I have no job... Unemployed homeschooler...

Jillian needs emergency surgery.

Don't worry. I would totally tell you if I was having surgery. Hopefully I won't ever have to because I hate hospitals!

Jillian needs a little brother like I need a hole in the head.

This one is so true. Little boys are so weird. After a weekend with my cousins age 5 and 8, I never want to know another little boy. Okay I'm only kidding, but seriously I could not stand having to hear about boobs and video games that much. They are just gross.


Donna said...

Sorry to hear your friends got hurt at the rugby game. Hope they're okay.

We had pretty nice weather here today, too. Nice for a change. Can't wait until it stays around for a while.

Have a nice weekend.

Oh, and congratulations on the schoolwork. I knew you could do it!

Colleen said...

It's good to hear the school stuff is getting done -