Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Where was I?

So here is an update, I have no idea what I discussed last.

We have called the IE twice since receiving the email about the CGM study. No returned phone calls. IE get your self together man. No worries though I have an appointment on the 5th so if the calls haven't been returned by then... Well let's just say my very protective and advocating mother will be making sure our unhappiness is known. Speaking of getting ready for the appointment I have been in contact with our assigned rep at Animas just to keep her up to date on the goings on or lack there of. I have finished reading Insulin Pumping Demystified, and am now onto Pumping Insulin. I also had blood drawn today, not my favorite experience. I was the kid who cried, threw up, ran around the office, or did anything possible to avoid that chair of terror. Now I am just the teenager who as soon as she walks into that little white room, the phlebotomists immediately asks if I am nervous or if I have a tendency to pass out? The answer to both of those questions is YES! But thankfully I didn't pass out today.

I have been having problems lately with the pen top needles on my insulin pens. I will try to explain this to the best of my ability. I dial up the units on the bottom, stick the needle in my skin, press the "trigger" down, a few units go in, and then it jams! At first I thought it was that there was something under the surface of my skin I was hitting and was blocking the needle tip. Then I took the needle out tried a new site and the trigger still would not budge. Put on a new tip and repeat the process everything goes okay. But this has happened a few times and it is extremely frustrating.

Hey! You can now vote for a new Ultra Mini color and enter a sweepstakes (if you are over 18) to win one of 10,000 Ultra Mini and for 100 special people an iPod Nano.

P.S. Kevin at Parenthetic (Diabetic) is back. I just "lurk" over there, and never leave comments. Maybe now I will.

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