Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Diabetes Potpourri

Yes I love Jeopardy!

I finally got my copy of Pumping Insulin in the mail today. Something is all wonky with Amazon/USPS Tracking so I had no idea it was coming. What a pleasant surprise to find on the kitchen table. I'm still waiting for Insulin Pump Therapy Demystified. In reading older posts of Sandra's at A Shot In The Dark I found that she suggested them. So I decided to get these to further my knowledge in the quest to pump.

My mom plans to call the IE tomorrow, about the cgms thing he emailed us about yesterday. I can't say how great it is to at least feel like steps are being taken towards the final goal. Hopefully it will happen sooner rather than later.

I'm thinking about doing the JDRF Walk next May on The National Mall. But who knows I could just be a lazy bum and donate money instead.

And finally. If you are an Adult with Type 1 Diabetes. Fill out this survey about a possible conference for Type 1 Adults. You can find more on Allison's page.

Wow alot of links. Get to clicking!


Sandra Miller said...

A (very) belated welcome to the OC!

Jillian, I'm so glad you found the info in that post helpful.

And, thanks.

Reading through your archives has given me insight into what it's like living with this thing as a young teen (a perspective that means a great deal to me as my son is just two months shy of his 12th birthday).

You're an amazing young woman, Jillian.

I look forward to reading many more of your well-written entries.

Take care,


p.s. I'll add a link to your site today.

Shannon said...

Hi Jillian,

I saw your comment on Sandra's blog :)

I am truely impressed by what you've written in your posts. You are well on your way to becoming an amazing adult....you're more adult than people twice your age, in fact.

Like Sandra, I look forward to reading more of your posts too.

(Mom Wants a Cure)