Friday, August 17, 2007

Just an update.

It's been a while, and I figured I should update those of you out there in blogland. So where was I?

Life without Symlin is so much better. I can actually function after eating a meal! I don't need to carry around that pesky vial or syringes. Only 7 injections in a day instead of 10, not great but I'll take it for now. I'm still really struggling with getting my numbers in range in the evening (8pm-12am). I become so insulin resistant, even the most aggressive corrections do absolutely nothing. I have tried more insulin at dinner, more insulin in between dinner and bedtime, more at bedtime, and sometimes all of those things combined. NOTHING WORKS!

My quest to pump still continues. I have gotten the information packets from each company. Read them all cover to cover, and have been in contact with the different reps. And I changed my mind. I really thought the OmniPod was for me. But I can not stand the fact that my mom has called them, I have emailed, and the response has not been efficent. They only returned one email, and no phone calls. Plus I have changed my mind about tubing, I can do it. It doesn't freak me out any more, after tons of research. Cozmore isn't really for me either, their email response was not very friendly. It was more like our pump costs this much, it does this, pick us. Plus I don't think I would use alot of the features they offer. Minimed, never emailed me back. I don't care about CGMS. So then that leaves Animas, the one that was my second choice to OmniPod. I love their customer service. Heather the representative I was assigned, is amazingly nice, prompt, and doesn't make the emails all about business & making money. I feel like she could be someone I actually know. Plus I love the way the Animas looks, functions, and its waterproof (like the Cozmo and OmniPod) a big selling point since we have a pool, plus it's covered by our insurance 100% after approval. (All of the opinions above are my personal experience and are not ment to influence anyone else's opinions about these companies.)

So after all this research and communication. I decided I should email the infamous Endo, for a little opinion. So I sent him an update on my stopping the Symlin, logging and testing like a maniac, pump research, the night time insulin resistance, and what I believe is the Dawn Phenomenon. I only sent it this morning so we will see what happens.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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