Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Recap.

First, thank you for all the happy birthday wishes!

I had a wonderful time celebrating with my friends Friday evening. When my friend, Kelly, suggested celebrating a few weeks ago, I wasn't really up for it. But somewhere between the waitress who told me that seventeen is a great year and passing my birthday ice cream around the table, my mindset changed. It's no longer the fact that these things might be occurring for the last time. It's enjoying the moments and hoping that the memories will last forever. For once I feel as though things are just getting started instead of coming to a close. I can see my options now and I'm ready to start working towards a more positive future. I can only hope that the waitress was right and that seventeen will be a very good year.

(From my birthday dinner, I'm second from the right.)

Saturday, I celebrated with my best friend (again) for her big birthday dinner. I was able to see a lot of old friends, an added bonus to an already great evening.

Sunday came and passed with no mention of my anniversary. I thought about the fact that twelve years had passed for about three seconds then went on with my day. I just really prefer to silently acknowledge it and move on.

Today is my mom's birthday. Happy birthday, Mom! I know you're reading this, don't worry I won't share your age with the entire internet. I love you!


Phyllis said...

Let me be the first to say that I am so happy that you are finally seeing that the glass is half full. I love you so much and I know that the only limitations you will have in life are teh one's you set. The world is yours, embrace it! I love you love you and I thank you bunches for my birthday wishes!!!!

Ashley said...

i'm so glad you had a great birthday and weekend!

i understand what you mean about not celebrating the anniversary. sometimes you can't laugh about, and if you can't laugh, sometimes its better to at least not cry.

i like to acknowledge mine and let it be a second birthday, minus the presents of course, because i can call attention to the good health i'm in, everything i've done despite the fact that i have t1 diabetes.

you rock jillian! i'm happy your birthday was wonderful! and happy birthday to your momma too!

Naomi said...

It's very human of us to worry about the future and worry about what has happened in the past. But if you can, for a short time every day, just experience living in the moment, you can always capture that "life is wonderful" feeling. Because it is. Every moment that we are here. Just because we are here.

Happy belated birthday to you and your mom!