Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Office.

Well, I totally under estimated my doctor. But really what else is new? I am so quick to make things worse than they are. He was actually really pleased with my averages, and even called them beautiful. Under my breath I muttered, “No they look like crap.” My A1c went from 6.8 to 6.9, and he said he was extremely happy with that as well. We discussed that exercise was really my only missing link, but that’s up to me to deal with. He didn’t comment much on my insulin intake. I think he’s finally realized that I just happen to require a lot of insulin to achieve better numbers, unlike so many doctors of the past who hesitated to up my intake. Seriously, how can he argue about insulin intake if the numbers are relatively good? We talked about the JDRF walk, and he told us about a fundraiser idea he’s been working on. It involves being dunked for donations! I would pay to see that.

When we went into the exam room there was a chair like the ones used in dialysis clinics. My mom asked him about it, and he basically explained that he will be starting a trial next week that involves 14 days of IV drugs to send newly diagnosed Type 1 into a non-permanent remission, as a part of the Protégé Study. He admitted that if it were his choice he wouldn’t choose to do it because staving it off isn’t quite good enough, but that it would hopefully help on the path to a cure. I thought it was good that he was honest about that, and I actually agree with him.

So the morale of the story is…I am the queen of unnecessary flipping out. I need to look at the broad picture of my numbers, not just the terrible individual ones. I should work on relaxing just a bit.

*10 PM update. After I wrote this post my blood sugar was 55mg/dL, so I apologize for any thing that doesn't make sense.


Ashley said...

whoo! nice appointment! you gotta just let it go, because if you get all knotted up over numbers, your chi gets all wonky and your numbers will even get worse. laugh! that's what i do. i laugh everytime something goes wrong, and i fix it and move on. its healthier than panicking. :)

ps. you've been tagged! your mission, should you choose to accept it, is on my blog.

Colleen said...

Oh Jillian - a tenth of a point is NOT bad. I think you've done great, between school work, friends, and WALKS. Nice job kiddo. Keep up the good work!!

Auntly H said...

Good job and I'm so glad your dr. was more personable this time.

I know how hard it is to keep the individual numbers from haunting you, especially since we have to consider (and often react to) every one of them. Would it help you to look over the numbers a week at a time (or maybe every other) to look for trends? just a thought from a class i had pre-pump.

Shannon said...

A teenage female who keeps her A1C's under 7 is phenomenal!!

The highest and lowest numbers tend to leap out at me and when Brendon's nurse educator points out the there really aren't a lot of them, I realize that more often than not his numbers are generally decent.

We've all got that high-low-magnification syndrome, LOL.

Scott K. Johnson said...

You're doing fantastic Jillian.

I too agree that we all magnify our self critisism before our appointments. I think most of us are really doing much better than we give ourselves credit for.

Cara said...

Low blood sugar posts are the most fun! :) They are always very honest.

You've been tagged by the way.

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Donna said...

Hey, we are A1C twins! Mine was 6.9 this time, too!